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Pause Split Jerk
AKA Pause Jerk

The pause split jerk is a variation that helps train a more aggressive and complete drive, as well as improving strength, balance and consistency in the proper dip position.
Stand with the heels approximately hip-width and the toes turned out, with the weight balanced slightly more toward the heels but the full foot in contact with the floor. Hold the bar in the jerk rack position—bar in between the throat and highest point of the shoulders; shoulders protracted and slightly elevated; hands as deep under the bar as possible; grip relaxed; elbows down but in front of the bar and out to the sides.
Dip by bending at the knees only with the trunk vertical and maintaining your balance to a depth of approximately 10% of your height. Brake as quickly as possible in the bottom and pause while maintaining tension throughout the legs and trunk.
After 2-3 seconds to eliminate a stretch-shortening reflex, drive directly back up aggressively with the legs to accelerate the barbell upward maximally. Work hard and stay tight to avoid sneaking in an extra dip before driving.
As you finish the extension of the legs, push the bar up and slightly back with the arms to preserve as much bar speed as possible, and quickly move the feet into the split position as you punch the elbows into a secure overhead position. Secure and stabilize the bar before recovering from the split into a standing position with the bar still overhead.
It’s common for lifters to sneak in a small dip after the pause as they begin to drive. This should be avoided as much as possible—the exercise is still effective with this small cheat, but not as much.
The pause jerk primarily improves the power of the drive, along with the timing, i.e. helping to train a complete drive. It also helps familiarize the lifter with the correct dip position and depth, and improve strength and comfort in it. It can be used as part of a teaching progression or for remediation of dip and drive balance and position problems.
The pause jerk is best used in addition to at least one other session using normal jerks each week for the lifter to stay in touch with the proper rhythm of the dip and drive. Combing pause and normal jerks in a complex is also a good way to do this. Pause jerks can be prescribed essentially like any other jerk with the exception that they’ll likely need to be 5-10% lighter. It’s better to be conservative on loading and ensure the best possible execution than to lose quality for slightly heavier loading.
The pause jerk can be done with longer pauses, with a slow dip, from behind the neck, or in power or push style.

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