Frequently Asked Questions
Find answers to the most common questions below.

Online Programs

I'm having a problem with the Train Heroic app - who should I contact?
Contact the app provider's support - most of the time, we are unable to do anything from our end: Train Heroic support

If I'm a premium member on the website, do I have access to your programs on Train Heroic and
No. These formats are all separate - you should subscribe to or purchase from the one you prefer to use.


I'm trying to pay for my order, but it won't accept my credit card.
Unfortunately we have no say in the processing of your credit card - you'll need to your bank - often they will decline charges from online stores they think may be fraudulent.

I ordered a digital product and have not received a download link. How do I get it?
Download links are sent automatically, but sometimes (particularly with video products), they can take up to 20 minutes to process. If you have not received a link in that time, please contact us.

Site Membership

I'm trying to reset my password, but I never get an email.
Some mail services block some of our emails. Please contact us via Instagram if you're not receiving them.

The temporary password from resetting won't work.
Clear your browser cookies and then log in with the temporary password. You'll be prompted to enter it again along with a new password. Once saved, clear your browser cookies again before logging in with the new password.

I already have an account for the site, but it's not working to view the training programs.
The premium site membership account for program access is not connected to the store or other accounts - you will need to create a new account.


Can I come train at the Catalyst Athletics gym?
Our gym is exclusively for our weightlifting team.

Opportunities to train here include training camps and seminars.