About Catalyst Athletics
Catalyst Athletics is a USA Weightlifting National Champion team and is the world's leading source of educational material for Olympic weightlifting.

We publish online content from articles to videos and photos to Olympic weightlifting training programs and the largest online weightlifting exercise library; books in print and digital format; video in DVD, downloadable and streaming format; a monthly journal; and produced the first feature-length documentary film on the sport of weightlifting in the US. Additionally, we provide seminars and coaching certification both in the US and internationally.

Catalyst Athletics was founded in 2006 by Greg Everett and merged with The Performance Menu journal, whose first issue was released in February 2005. Everett is the author of the world's most popular book on Olympic weightlifting, Olympic Weightlifting: A Complete Guide for Athletes & Coaches among several other books; co-founder and editor-in-chief of the Performance Menu journal; writer, producer, director and editor of American Weightlifting: The Documentary; creator of most of the website's content; developer of the Catalyst Athletics websites; head coach of the national champions Catalyst Athletics weightlifting team; a national-level competitive weightlifter, masters national champion, and masters American record holder in the clean & jerk.

We relocated in 2016 from Sunnyvale, California to central Oregon, closing our commercial gym business and transitioning into a private training facility exclusively for our weightlifting team.

Our training programs and methodology are used by athletes, coaches and gyms around the world, and we have a growing network of affiliate gyms internationally.

Company Mission

To produce and make as widely accessible as possible educational material in practical formats for weightlifters and coaches to help them develop maximally.

To help the growth of the sport of weightlifting and improve the quality of lifting and coaching in the US.

To rely on the quality of our content and services rather than marketing to succeed.

Team Mission

To coach and develop weightlifters to the highest levels of national and international competition as part of a true team—not pay for mercenaries to represent a brand as a marketing tactic.

To preserve a way of life and a mindset unique to the roots of the sport and in particular to the American history of the sport.

To win individual and team medals in national and international competition.

To break American records.

To win team national championships.

2016 USA Weightlifting Women's Team National Champions

The Sunnyvale gym that was closed in 2016

The current Oregon gym
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