Power Jerk for the Split Jerk

If looking from the waist up, you should have a hard time distinguishing between your power jerks and your split jerks.
Too often the two lifts are thought of and therefore executed totally differently.
The two biggest mistakes in the split jerk relative to the power jerk are shifting the whole body forward during the drive and split, and just splitting as low as possible instead of driving the bar up well.
The reason the power jerk is such a useful exercise for split jerkers is that it helps train a balanced, vertical dip and drive, and more elevation of the bar. If you’re not intentionally applying those same motions and qualities to your split jerk, you’re wasting your time.
The power jerk + split jerk complex is so useful because it lets you feel that vertical dip and drive and maximal bar elevation first, then apply it immediately to the split jerk.
Visualize your upper body moving identically in the two lifts—drive high and straight, and keep your chest up as you drive and split.

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