One Exercise To Fix Your Jerk

The pause jerk strengthens the dip, builds power for the drive, improves the dip position and balance, helps avoid a forward drive, makes it easier to practice the proper timing and direction of the split and the push with the arms, and helps you move into a proper split position.
To perform the lift, pause in the bottom of the jerk dip for 2-3 seconds, and then begin the drive directly from that pause—do your best to not cheat with another small dip first.
Hold the pause position with maximal trunk and leg tension—the tighter you are, the stronger you’re going to get in the dip, and the better your drive position and balance will be.
Feel pressure over the whole foot with a slight preference for the heel, and keep the bar and your hips stacked over your ankles.
Drive all the way through the bar before beginning to split—think of waiting until the bar is off your shoulders to begin moving your feet.
Push the bar back immediately off your shoulders directly over the back of your neck, and keep your chest up as you split instead of leaning forward onto your front leg.
If your knees move inward in your jerk dips or drive, slow the dip into the pause position to 3-5 seconds and focus on maintaining tension throughout the legs and hips, and maintain that tension as you drive.

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