How To Find Your Split Jerk Stance

Not sure how to find your split stance for the jerk? Here you go in 3 quick steps.
Stand in your squat stance and turn your heels out until your feet are straight forward.
Slide one foot straight back and put your knee on the floor directly under your hip with your front shin vertical.
Move straight up until your back knee is slightly bent and a behind your hip, your front shin is vertical, and your weight is balanced equally on the feet.
And there you go.
What we’re looking for in the split stance is pretty simple:
Front foot straight forward or toed-in very slightly.
Front shin vertical.
Front thigh about 20-40 degrees relative to the floor.
Hips under shoulders.
Back knee slightly bent and behind the hip.
Back heel up and turned out slightly to keep foot in line with lower leg.
Balls of back foot in contact with the floor, not just the toes.
Balance equal between the two feet.

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