Split Position Self-Checks

Not sure about your split position in the jerk and want to be able to verify and adjust it in real time without a mirror? Here’s your checklist.
Even weight on feet
Feel your weight distributed evenly between your feet rather than heavier on one than the other.
Strong legs
Feel strong holding the position and resistant to shifting forward or backward—this will mean the front knee above or behind the ankle, and the back knee behind the hip.
Back knee slightly bent
Make sure you’re able to smoothly move your body straight down and up without your balance shifting. If the back knee is too straight and stiff, you’ll shift forward as you try to lower yourself.
Back foot on forefoot
Make sure your forefoot is in contact with the floor, not just the toes—you should feel this broader contact area and the ability to load it heavily.
Stable laterally
You should feel stable side to side, meaning your split can’t be too narrow—it should generally be at least the width of your squat stance.
Even foot pressure
You should feel even pressure on each foot across the area in contact with the floor, not more to one edge.
Hold all of your jerks in the split position a couple seconds—after adjusting into the correct position if needed. The more time you spend in the correct position, the more naturally you’ll begin to move into it when you jerk.

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