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Snatch With No Contact

AKA Snatch with no touch, snatch with no brush
The snatch with no contact is a tricky snatch variation that can help strengthen the turnover and encourage better leg drive in the pull.    
Simply perform a snatch without allowing the bar to touch your body during the extension. Be patient and don’t rush the pull with the arms as will be the natural reaction. Remember that the bar should still remain close to the body.
The snatch with no contact will force a more aggressive and more vertical extension with the legs, and a more aggressive pull under the bar. It can help improve the lifter’s elevation of the bar with leg drive, and improve the timing of the transition between the second and third pulls.
The snatch with no contact can be programmed as the traditional snatch would be, although it shouldn’t be used as a substitute entirely. It can also be used as a technique primer before snatch training sessions, or as a somewhat lighter and less taxing snatch variation between heavier training days.
The most common variation is to also use no hook grip during the lift. This reinforces the need to be aggressive with the grip on the pull under the bar and turnover. Often the snatch with no contact is combined with no jump (keeping the feet planted on the floor).

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