Fix Uneven Feet In The Snatch Or Clean

Do your feet land unevenly in the snatch or clean?
First of all, STOP PANICKING… It’s really not that big of a deal.
Next, work on your hip flexor strength and balance. Perform knee ups mimicking the squat motion and position—keeping your back arched and abs tight, lift your knees up and out into the same angle you squat in, and keep the soles of your feet parallel with the floor.
Do these both slowly and quickly, but in both cases with an isometric hold at the top. If you have a visible imbalance, adjust your position and hold equally.
Do tuck jumps as well, being careful to lift the knees and feet the same way while keeping your back set as it would be in a squat.
Then make sure your hip mobility is balanced. Hit the good old standards for hamstrings, adductors, and lateral hips. Put more time and effort to the tighter side in any stretch. If you’re really inflexible, include the necessary stretches near the end of your warmup.
Finally, focus on the motion itself with tall snatches and cleans, exaggerating the lifting and planting flat of the feet and using a reference line on the platform.
Also use snatch and clean from power position to improve the aggression of the final vertical leg drive in the lifts to ensure better ability to separate the feet for more accurate movement.

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