Land On Flat Feet In The Snatch & Clean

Our goal is to land on flat feet as we transition under the bar in the snatch or clean. This maximizes the stability of the receiving position by allowing us to sit straight down into a balanced squat and avoid rocking and shifting backward.

Often a lifter will drag the toes backward as they move under the bar. This can be in part because the lifter’s balance is too far back at the top of the pull, but in any case, there is a lack of hip flexion and dorsiflexion at the ankles.

One common source of this problem is lifters thinking simply of lifting the feet. This results in the knee bending primarily, which moves the foot backward, and tips the toes downward.

Instead, if we think of lifting the knees, as if we’re performing a squat, the feet naturally move more vertically as they follow the knee up.

We can add to this the intent to lift the toes, which helps bring the soles of the feet parallel to the floor.

In short, don’t just lift your feet—lift your knees and toes, and plant your feet flat right under the bar.

Practice with drop snatches initially to allow maximal focus on just the foot and leg movement, then progress to tall snatches or cleans to add the actual third pull motion, and finally, use snatch or clean from power position to practice quickly flexing the hip to lift the knee after reaching extension in the pull.

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