Snatch Overhead Stability In The Bottom

The most reliable position to establish stability in the snatch is in the bottom. There’s no need to bounce out to recover like in the clean, so don’t be in a hurry to stand up before you’re stable.

Unless you unquestionably receive the bar perfectly, settle in and stabilize at least briefly before standing. Magnifying instability by unnecessarily rushing the recovery is a stupid way to miss a lift.

If you feel the bar abruptly move forward or backward significantly, you may need to stand quickly and take a step to stay under it. Avoid this with proper balance and a more aggressive overhead position.

For maximal stability, sit in all the way. If you’re holding yourself up above full depth, you’re allowing more potential horizontal motion of the knees and hips, which becomes amplified in the arms and bar. Sitting all the way in creates a solid structure that limits movement for the most stable base possible to secure the bar’s position.

The easiest way improve your bottom position mobility, stability and confidence is holding all snatches, overhead squats and snatch balances for 2-5 seconds in the bottom. Settle in and lock the overhead position with maximal aggression. The bar, your arms and your trunk should be a single monolithic structure with none of the parts moving relative to each other.

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