Better Leg Drive In The Snatch | Snatch With No Jump/Feet

A good way to improve the aggression, timing and duration of your leg drive in the snatch is using the snatch with no jump—or as some of you goofballs call it, a no foot snatch—but only if you do it right. If you don’t, it actually reinforces the very problems it’s supposed to be fixing.
It’s really easy to snatch without moving your feet—all you have to do is have limp legs at top of the pull or completely take over with the hips—but obviously neither of those is going to solve the problem of poor leg drive.
The feet need to stay planted not because of lack of leg power or cutting the drive off early, but because of an exaggeration of both—we’re intentionally driving harder and longer.
This means we’re still pushing through the floor as we begin pulling with the arms, which keeps the pressure against the floor at the moment it would otherwise be released—pulling against the bar pushes us down against the floor.
The easiest way to think of the correct timing is to imagine doing a snatch high-pull in which you suddenly remember near the end that you need to snatch it. In other words, aim to not move under the bar until you’ve gotten through about half the distance of the arm motion of a high-pull.
To be clear, this delayed timing does NOT mean the pull under is slow or unaggressive—it actually needs to be more aggressive.
It’s also important to understand this doesn’t mean that we want this same timing in a regular snatch—it’s an exaggeration to achieve a specific training objective.
Bottom line: Don’t think of the exercise as simply not moving your feet—think of it as continuing to push your feet through the floor so hard that they’re unable to move.

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