Hips On Top Of Legs

In very simple terms, we can think of the hips as creating speed, and the legs as creating direction.
We need powerful hip extension in the pulls of the snatch and clean, but without vertical leg drive supporting it, that extension just slams the hips forward into the bar.
This means the bar swinging forward, less upward acceleration and elevation, and usually a forward jump, or at the very least, a weak, unstable receiving position.
Hip extension needs to be on top of vertical leg drive—an active and continuous push straight down into the floor.
This orients the influence of the hip extension on the bar and body vertically the way we need it.
That means proper balance through the pull and pull under, smoother contact of the bar with the body that allows it to continue moving upward at full speed instead of being slowed and deflected forward, and better balance and stability when we receive the lift.
Use the back and shoulders to push the bar into your lap, and push vertically through the feet as you finish the hip extension.

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