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Wide-Grip Jerk, Quiet Feet, Weak Power Snatch, Finish Position, Turnover Proximity
Episode 24 | June 6 2017

Benefits, potential problems, and things to work on for wide-grip jerks; whether or not loud feet in the lifts is important and why; what it means if you have a weak power snatch relative to your snatch and what to do about it; the position of the fi...

The Competition Edition
Episode 23 | May 23 2017

Rules of competition you may not know that can get you into trouble, attempt strategies, and how best to fill time in competition. This podcast is supported by Health IQ, a life insurance company that celebrates weightlifters and other health cons...

Internal vs External Rotation Overhead, Curling the Wrists, Flat Feet, Intuitive Training vs. Programming, Low Back vs. Leg Strength
Episode 22 | May 9 2017

Curling the wrists in the snatch and clean, what to do about flat feet, whether training should be done intuitively or according to a program, lower back vs.s leg strength and the body shifting to place the burden on one or the other, and whether the...

Double Bouncing, Foot Movement, Post Activation Potentiation, Overhead Squat Wrist Pain
Episode 21 | April 25 2017

Double bouncing in the clean and how to avoid it, whether the feet should slide or stomp in the snatch and clean, post activation potentiation, and wrist pain in the overhead squat. This podcast is supported by Health IQ, a life insurance company ...

Elbows Out in the Pull, Collapsing in the Front Squat & Under vs. Over-Coaching
Episode 20 | April 11 2017

Whether or not the elbows need to be turned out in the start and pull of the snatch and clean and why, how to correct collapsing in heavy front squats, and knowing if you're getting adequate coaching, as well as the problems with under and over c...

Press vs Push Press, CrossFit & Weightlifting, Pulling & Squatting Disparity
Episode 19 | March 28 2017

The utility of and need for the press and push press for weightlifters, combining CrossFit and weightlifting, and dealing with disparity in abilities like pulling and squatting. This podcast is supported by Health IQ, a life insurance company that...

Purpose of Power Variations, When to Start Coaching & Asymmetries
Episode 18 | March 14 2017

The purposes of power snatches and power cleans in programming, when it's appropriate to start coaching and open your own weightlifting club, and how to deal with asymmetries in flexibility and strength....

Athlete Red Flags, Power Out of the Hole, Accidentally Power Snatching, Training Snatch and Clean & Jerk Together
Episode 17 | February 28 2017

Red flags to look for as a coach when bringing on new lifters, how to improve power and speed in the recovery of the clean, what to do when snatches turn into power snatches as weights increase, and whether or not to train the snatch and clean & ...

Clarking & Selecting Weights & Reps
Episode 16 | February 14 2017

How to fix "Clarking" (bailing out partway through a lift), and how to decide on weight and rep selection when creating training programs....

Jumping vs Lifting the Feet, Tension & Shoulder Position in Starting Position & Bar-Hip Contact
Episode 15 | January 31 2017

Whether or not you need to lift your feet in the third pull of the snatch and clean and distinguishing lifting the feet from jumping, what it means to be tight before a lift, scapular position in the starting position, and how to avoid hitting the pu...
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Welcome to the Weightlifting Life Podcast, hosted by Greg Everett & Ursula Garza. This show is about the Olympic sport of weightlifting, primarily comprised of answers to audience questions covering all topics related to weightlifting from snatch and clean & jerk technique, to program design, to recovery & restoration, to competition, to the politics of the sport.

Greg Everett is the head coach of the national champion team Catalyst Athletics, Olympic Trials coach, and author of the world's leading book on weightlifting.

Ursula Garza is head coach of the national champion team Texas Barbell, a former world championship level weightlifter, and the first female senior international coach in USA Weightlifting.

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