Episode 15
Jumping vs Lifting the Feet, Tension & Shoulder Position in Starting Position & Bar-Hip Contact
January 31 2017
Whether or not you need to lift your feet in the third pull of the snatch and clean and distinguishing lifting the feet from jumping, what it means to be tight before a lift, scapular position in the starting position, and how to avoid hitting the public bone with the bar.

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Leanne 2017-02-06
Thank you Greg and Ursula. I have been taught the pull and jump method. Now this is my 4th year of lifting I can see my biggest problem is timing more than anything. Whenever my snatch goes over 90% I always cut my pull short. I have tried doing a pull first but after listening to your podcast it is more that Im not driving enough through my legs to complete my extension , rather than keeping pulling. I will apply the drills you mentioned. Would it be a good idea to put them in your snatchvwarm ups or do them on their own ? Eg. Muscle snatch squat, mid thigh snatch, tall snatch, dtop snatch. I am thinking these would be good in a warm up as a complex? Or would it be better to focus on them solely?
I would do both - add some of those exercises on their own to your training program, but also use one each snatch session as a technique primer. Snatch from power position is probably the best one for your case - do 3-5 sets of 2-3 right before you start your snatches.

Greg Everett
kim 2017-02-07
Hey! Thanks for addressing my question about hitting myself in the second pull. Just so you know, I am short (5'2") and I have fairly short arms. I intend to try to change my grip first and also note whether I'm bending my arms too soon. (I've been told that I do.) You gave great tips for improving this. And also where to "aim" for on anterior hip. Thank you so much! Great advice....
Awesome. Let us know how it goes.

Greg Everett
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