Episode 18
Purpose of Power Variations, When to Start Coaching & Asymmetries
March 14 2017
The purposes of power snatches and power cleans in programming, when it's appropriate to start coaching and open your own weightlifting club, and how to deal with asymmetries in flexibility and strength.


Alex 2017-03-20
I know you were joking men/women/weightlifters/non gender specific etc but what do you think about the New Zealand transgender lifter that just won an international competition? http://www.nzherald.co.nz/sport/news/article.cfm?c_id=4&objectid=11821531
Reposting my reply from the same question on FB: No way to win on this issue. I fully support LGBT rights and social status, but this starts entering a realm of physiology, which is entirely divorced of social constructs and attitudes. I believe there has to be a 2-year period of hormone therapy before a transgender athlete is eligible to compete in the new gender division, but I don't know how well that accounts for hormonal advantages for a male -> female athlete - while hormonal levels by the end of that period may be comparable to a biological female (I don't know, but presumably that's the intent), I suspect a lifetime of male hormonal levels and the accompanying strength provides an advantage that can't be completely eliminated. Honestly there is no way to satisfy everyone in this situation, so it's going to be an ongoing subject of contention.

Greg Everett
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