Episode 17
Athlete Red Flags, Power Out of the Hole, Accidentally Power Snatching, Training Snatch and Clean & Jerk Together
February 28 2017
Red flags to look for as a coach when bringing on new lifters, how to improve power and speed in the recovery of the clean, what to do when snatches turn into power snatches as weights increase, and whether or not to train the snatch and clean & jerk together in a single session.


Peter 2017-03-01
thanks for talking about "what to do when snatches turn into power snatches as weights increase". I have a masters female who has this problem. ( she did not come from crossfit, however. just a strong lady who isn't very fast or mobile) I understand this is probably more of a snatch problem, but she does the same thing with cleans, and jerks too. whenever the weight gets heavier, she "muscle powers" the cleans, and in jerks she catches it higher with less of a split. anyways, could you guys please talk a little bit about things we could do to fix those two as well? thanks
Pretty comnmon for the same thing to happen with cleans and jerks also. Same basic corrections apply, just vary the actual exercises.

Greg Everett
Mark Shockley 2017-03-02
Team Ursula
Kevin Sullivan 2017-03-02
Well I do cleans plus snatch balance in one movement and I can jerk 400lbs
Ryan 2017-03-14
Pro Greg. I signed up for the Catalyst podcast.
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