Episode 24
Wide-Grip Jerk, Quiet Feet, Weak Power Snatch, Finish Position, Turnover Proximity
June 6 2017
Benefits, potential problems, and things to work on for wide-grip jerks; whether or not loud feet in the lifts is important and why; what it means if you have a weak power snatch relative to your snatch and what to do about it; the position of the final extension of the snatch and clean and how this influences the arm bend in the turnover; and ways to work on better bar-body proximity in the turnover of the snatch and clean.

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Dan Gigante 2017-06-06
Whoa...it's a full on fully man. Jim Breuer - Half baked
Ooh good guess, but what I'm thinking of preceded that movie by 7 years.

Greg Everett
Dan Gigante 2017-06-07
You stumped me sir. I thought I had that one. Great podcast by the way!
Gwen 2017-06-07
not sure how to ask a question for the podcast, so I will ask it here for now. I am new to weightlifting, having training for crossfit for 6 years. I'm 41 years old and have a coach who programs for me and has eyes on me, in a small group personal training environment, but not a weightlifting-specific gym. I workout 4 times per week. Up until recently, two of those workouts have been weightlifting specific and two more gymnastics-oriented. The last couple of months have focused on weightlifting as I plan to do a meet this weekend :) :)

I'm wondering about how you program for someone like me in the whole-year cycle. Recently, I heard a podcast where Sean Waxman was interviewed and he talked about how his lifters take two months "totally off" from weightlifting every year. I have typically had deload weeks or weeks off from training (crossfit) but never two months off.

Thanks to you both. I have enjoyed listening to your podcast so far. I love soaking up the knowledge and enjoy the banter :)
Drew Simonis 2017-06-16
Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey?
Got it.

Greg Everett
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