Episode 19
Press vs Push Press, CrossFit & Weightlifting, Pulling & Squatting Disparity
March 28 2017
The utility of and need for the press and push press for weightlifters, combining CrossFit and weightlifting, and dealing with disparity in abilities like pulling and squatting.

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James Cain 2017-03-29
Enjoyed the podcast. Although, shouldn't bash Crossfit so much. As you have passion for weightlifting, some people have a passion for Crossfit. I just don't think its wise to bash a community that has actually brought a lot of awareness to olympic weightlifting. Which I think is awesome, b/c I started out as a crossfitter, but I now have a passion for weightlifting.
I'm very supportive of CrossFit. I owned the 4th CF affiliate gym in the world. I was on the coaching staff that certified Dave Castro. What was discussed here was the problem of people allowing CF to interfere with weightlifting if weightlifting is their priority. That's not bashing CF, that's discussing facts and having a little fun with it.

Greg Everett
Holly 2017-03-30
Thank you Sophia for the letter, and for your response to her. It made me tear up a bit. I could have written that letter, except I have a few decades on her. I'm bookmarking this one so I can return to it in the future during moments of self-doubt.
Gary Echternacht 2017-04-01
Loved your closing words. More people should hear them. Weightlifting is a sport of numbers. Every thing that a weightlifter does is a number. Unfortunately people believe your number is an indication of value to the sport. Definitely not so.

You know every weightlifter ultimately loses, i.e., every weightlifter aspires to lift more, but ultimately reaches a point where his or her aspirations cannot be achieved.
Janna 2017-04-04
Hahaha. I feel so famous for you answering my all over the place question and thinking I'm an idiot. THANKS for the answers and laughs. The funny thing is- both of you figured out what I meant and why I was stuggling to just do weightlifting finally at the end of your answers: my gym and the flexibility of the gym to allow me to get my programming in outside of the crossfit classes. They would allow me to during Oly classes, but it was only an hour. I love weightlifting and that's what I was trying to do with only 2 Oly classes and an open gym available for me to get my training in. I knew I needed something to change. I was trying to do 'as little crossfit as possible ' because that was what was offered at our gym outside of the 2 Oly days where I could actually use the space do my programming. I would cherry pick and do the least 'crossfitty' workouts possible, but would get my Oly lifts and squats in. And you are right about age- I am going to be 30 and totally can't recover from crossfit to do well with my lifts and I realized that after a few months of doing half and half of CF and lifting.
Since it was back in August/September when I asked the question, I already did exactly what you guys recommended. I sat down with our gym owner/head coach (who knew I loved weightlifting and wanted to do just that) and told him I would be going to another gym unless he would allow me to just do my lifting program and that I would not get in the way of the scheduled crossfit classes. I stopped doing crossfit back in September before the MN open during my meet prep. Right after the meet I strictly followed a program and saw huge progress. I now have been strictly a weightlifter for 6 months and I love it. And without me hearing your answers on the podcast, I was able to reassess my goals and make the change. Now I am pumped that I did and hopefully this blurp in the podcast will help someone else that discovered their love of weightlifting through crossfit and need to find their way out so they can focus on what theu want! Thank you, again, for answering. I love the podcast. You two crack me up and teach me things at the same time. I look forward to the next one. Cheers!
Sweet. Glad you're seeing better progress now. Good luck.

Greg Everett
Robert 2017-04-07
hi Greg, hi Ursula, I appreciate that this is primarily targeted at elite or at least serious athletes and their coaches. But there are people who are recreational, fooling-around lifters. I would even argue that weightlifting does not have remotely enough non-serious lifters, compared to other sports where every man, woman and their respective dogs are playing a bit on the weekend. While there is lots of material on the web for us noobs, the videos on your site and the fat book are just super! so the question is: what are your recommendations for someone who is not super serious, not the youngest, strongest and most felxible? How does one get better at this at such a level? thanks robert
Jennifer Jaeger 2017-04-10
Thank you for doing the podcasts. I don't know if you realize how helpful they are to less-experienced coaches. I have every episode downloaded on my phone and listen on my drives to and from the gym. Greg, it really is worthwhile! And Ursula - thank you for talking Greg into doing the podcast. You guys make me laugh.
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