Episode 16
Clarking & Selecting Weights & Reps
February 14 2017
How to fix "Clarking" (bailing out partway through a lift), and how to decide on weight and rep selection when creating training programs.


Peter Sekalias 2017-02-15
thanks guys for getting to my question. this problem has subsided over the last couple months...and yes, the last article you posted was great and i think will really help
Peter Sekalias 2017-02-15
haha Ursula you would have choked the shit out of me for about 6 months lol
David Buye 2017-02-15
Another great Podcast. Still loving the sarcastic humor and banter. Just a follow up on the selecting weights/reps and "clarking". I have read the Catalyst books and Matt's recommendations on choosing goals for the year.

As a new lifter (6 months) I had my first competition and PR'd 5kgs over my training PR snatch. So as my goal for the year I would like to snatch at least 94kgs. But how do I select the %'s to get to this goal based on following the daily workouts on this website. So if my PR at competition was 80kg's, I probably don't want to base my next training cycle on 94kgs off the bat. Do I just continue on the 1kg rule and when I run into HS days, if I work above that I continually adjust my goal weight?

If you're using the cycles on this site, the %s are intended to be based on your actual PRs. You keep making new PRs, and then your weights keep going up in your cycles... Doesn't need to be any more complicated than that.

Greg Everett
David Buye 2017-02-15
Thank you for the response. I guess sometimes it doesn't have to be complicated. Looking forward to the next podcast in a couple weeks...maybe. haha.
MarkH 2017-02-25
Thank you both for entertaining and informative programs.

How about we hand the name of Clarcking to FiCLe (Failure to Consumate Lift)

Just imagine telling someone " that was FiCLe"
Katelyn 2017-02-26
Loving the podcast. Think the quote you might be looking for is "Do or do not. There is no try." -Yoda ;) Would appreciate to hear your thoughts on different things to do in the warm-up room when lifters have significant breaks between attempts.
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