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Heels Rising Early In Snatch Or Clean Pull?
Comments | November 11 2019 | Instructional - Olympic Weightlifting

A common instruction is to remain flat-footed as long as possible through the pull of the snatch and clean, typically until reaching approximately the power position in which the trunk is vertical and...
Land On Flat Feet In The Snatch & Clean
Comments | November 4 2019 | Instructional - Olympic Weightlifting

Our goal is to land on flat feet as we transition under the bar in the snatch or clean. This maximizes the stability of the receiving position by allowing us to sit straight down into a balanced squat...
Drills For A Better Muscle Snatch
Comments | October 28 2019 | Instructional - Olympic Weightlifting

If you’ve decided to perform the muscle snatch in a way that actually resembles the turnover of the snatch, here’s a series of drills to help you get the feel for how to do it well. The...
How To Strengthen A Weak Split For The Jerk
Comments | October 24 2019 | Instructional - Olympic Weightlifting

If you’re weak and uncomfortable in the proper split position, no matter how well you understand it and know how to get into it with little or no weight, your body will not put itself into that ...
Should You Alternate Legs In The Split Jerk?
Comments | October 14 2019 | Instructional - Olympic Weightlifting

Should weightlifters alternate legs in the split jerk? Nope. A weightlifter alternating legs in the jerk is analogous to a pitcher alternating arms, or a guitar player switching hands. The je...
How to Adjust the Rack between the Clean and Jerk
Comments | September 30 2019 | Instructional - Olympic Weightlifting

There are 4 ways to adjust the rack position between the clean and the jerk. The first is to stand up from your clean, remember too late that you still have to jerk, then spend 3 minutes almost kil...
Hand & Wrist Strength & Durability - Rice Or Sand Bucket
Comments | September 25 2019 | Instructional - Olympic Weightlifting

Quick introduction to using rice or sand to strengthen your hands and wrists and keep them healthy for Olympic weightlifting....
Full Squat Depth & Variation For Olympic Weightlifting
Comments | September 23 2019 | Instructional - Olympic Weightlifting

How deep is deep enough? Where’s the bottom? Why does everyone’s squat position look different? Confusing stuff, but it shouldn’t be—here’s how it works. Full depth in...
Why Wear Weightlifting Shoes?
Comments | September 9 2019 | Instructional - Olympic Weightlifting

There are 3 reasons to wear weightlifting shoes: The lifted heel effectively increases ankle range of motion, allowing a deeper and more upright squat position. The thin, hard soles absorb very ...
Too Far Back To The Heels In The Snatch & Clean
Comments | September 3 2019 | Instructional - Olympic Weightlifting

A common mistake in the snatch and clean is shifting too far back onto the heels in the pull. There are 3 basic potential problems with this: First it can create a tendency to rock forward in reac...
How To Time Warm-ups In Weightlifting Competition - Counting Attempts
Comments | August 26 2019 | Instructional - Olympic Weightlifting

Warming up for Olympic weightlifting competition requires carefully timing your lifts to prepare you to open on the platform when called. This video provides the basics of how to count attempts and...
Find Your Snatch Grip Width
Comments | August 19 2019 | Instructional - Olympic Weightlifting

There are quite a few complex methods of determining snatch grip width, and I’ll argue that none is worth the time or effort. Any method that relies on measurements of the upper body is essentia...
Slow Lockout In Jerk Or Snatch?
Comments | August 12 2019 | Instructional - Olympic Weightlifting

If your elbow lockout overhead in the snatch or jerk tends to be slow and incomplete, consider your grip tension. An excessively tight grip on the bar will limit the speed at which you can extend t...
Which Leg Forward In The Split Jerk?
Comments | July 22 2019 | Instructional - Olympic Weightlifting

Which leg to lead with in the split jerk is the world’s simplest question but has managed to inspire stunningly complicated solutions. For example, sneaking up behind your athlete and shoving...
Snatch Overhead Stability In The Bottom
Comments | July 15 2019 | Instructional - Olympic Weightlifting

The most reliable position to establish stability in the snatch is in the bottom. There’s no need to bounce out to recover like in the clean, so don’t be in a hurry to stand up before you&...
Learn & Train The Bounce In The Clean For Better Recoveries
Comments | July 8 2019 | Instructional - Olympic Weightlifting

To maximize your ability to recover, learn to use and train the bounce out of the clean and front squat. The bounce is the combination of 3 elements: the stretch-shortening reflex of the leg muscul...
Sliding Backward In The Push Press
Comments | July 1 2019 | Instructional - Olympic Weightlifting

Sliding backward in the push press is a problem that’s created a lot of confusion some seriously head-scratching recommendations, so let’s figure it out. Any backward motion in any lift is...
Snatch & Jerk Overhead Position - Shoulder Blades & Bar
Comments | June 24 2019 | Instructional - Olympic Weightlifting

One of the most important aspects of a strong overhead position is learning to support the weight with the upper back rather than with just the shoulders and arms.   The simplest way to find th...
Short-Stepping The Split Jerk - How To Fix It
Comments | June 17 2019 | Instructional - Olympic Weightlifting

If you short-step your heavier jerks, your footwork may not be the problem. The issue is often a lack of time and space to move your feet into the full split position because of an inadequate upward d...
Clean Rack Position
Comments | June 10 2019 | Instructional - Olympic Weightlifting

See also: Dizziness in clean/front squat Clean Turnover Drills for Bigger Cleans The goal of the clean rack position is to establish a secure connection of the bar to the trunk, and allow a s...
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