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Snatch & Jerk Overhead Position - Shoulder Blades & Bar
Comments | June 24 2019 | Instructional - Olympic Weightlifting

One of the most important aspects of a strong overhead position is learning to support the weight with the upper back rather than with just the shoulders and arms.   The simplest way to find th...
Short-Stepping The Split Jerk - How To Fix It
Comments | June 17 2019 | Instructional - Olympic Weightlifting

If you short-step your heavier jerks, your footwork may not be the problem. The issue is often a lack of time and space to move your feet into the full split position because of an inadequate upward d...
Clean Rack Position
Comments | June 10 2019 | Instructional - Olympic Weightlifting

See also: Jerk rack position Dizziness in clean/front squat Clean Turnover Drills for Bigger Cleans The goal of the clean rack position is to establish a secure connection of the bar to the...
Starting Position For The Snatch & Clean
(2) Comments | June 3 2019 | Instructional - Olympic Weightlifting

The precise starting position will vary somewhat among lifters, but with rare exceptions, the position will meet a handful of simple criteria. The starting position is defined as the position of th...
Elbows Out In The Snatch & Clean
Comments | May 27 2019 | Instructional - Olympic Weightlifting

In the starting position and pull of the snatch and clean, we want the arms somewhat internally rotated to direct the bony points of the elbows toward the outside. This position is unnecessary for ...
Bar Contact In The Clean: How To Keep The Bar Close
Comments | May 6 2019 | Instructional - Olympic Weightlifting

Because of the narrower grip, the bar in the clean will tend to contact the body on the thighs rather than in the crease of the hips as it does in the snatch. This makes keeping the bar close to th...
Find Your Pulling Stance For The Snatch & Clean
Comments | April 29 2019 | Instructional - Olympic Weightlifting

The primary criterion for the pulling stance is how it influences the effectiveness of the second pull. Stand with your heels under your hips so the legs are vertical and turn your toes out to a co...
Hips Shooting Up In The Snatch & Clean
Comments | April 23 2019 | Instructional - Olympic Weightlifting

We want to maintain a fairly constant back angle through the first pull, although we’ll nearly always see a slight change. The goal is to prevent an excessive and unwanted shift in position. ...
Jerk Dip & Drive Technical Styles - Strength Vs. Elastic
Comments | April 8 2019 | Instructional - Olympic Weightlifting

There are two broad categories of dip & drive styles: strength and elastic. These are really the two ends of a spectrum; a lifter may fall between the two rather than exhibiting one or the other d...
How Fast Should The First Pull Be?
Comments | March 18 2019 | Instructional - Olympic Weightlifting

How fast should the first pull or the snatch or clean be? As fast as possible without compromising position, balance or tension. The first pull is the segment of the lift in which the knees and hip...
Push The Knees Out In The Squat? Maybe.
Comments | March 11 2019 | Instructional - Olympic Weightlifting

Pushing the knees out in the squat does not directly contribute to standing up. It’s a measure to correct or prevent knee valgus and forward leaning. Standing up is achieved primarily with kn...
How To Stay Connected For A Better Jerk Dip & Drive
Comments | March 4 2019 | Instructional - Olympic Weightlifting

A critical part of the jerk is keeping the bar connected to the shoulders in the dip to maintain its security in the rack, preserve balance, and allow maximal force transfer. We stand normally with...
Hand & Wrist Position In The Snatch & Jerk
Comments | February 18 2019 | Instructional - Olympic Weightlifting

The hand and wrist position overhead in the snatch or jerk needs to provide the most security and stability possible with the least strain on the joints. Imagine your arm and hand like the post and...
Pushing The Knees Out In The Snatch & Clean
Comments | February 11 2019 | Instructional - Olympic Weightlifting

In the starting position and first pull of the snatch and clean, we want to push the knees out inside the arms. This serves 3 important purposes:   First, it opens the hips to allow freer movem...
How To Fix Your Snatch Turnover - Understanding & Exercises
Comments | January 29 2019 | Instructional - Olympic Weightlifting

The pull under the bar in the snatch needs to be as active, aggressive and precise as the rest of the lift. This motion has 3 purposes: to change your direction and accelerate your body down into posi...
Breath Control & Trunk Stability For Olympic Weightlifting
Comments | January 21 2019 | Instructional - Olympic Weightlifting

In order to create the spinal stability that we need for both performance and safety in weightlifting, the trunk must be pressurized with air. In addition to improving force transfer to the bar throug...
Keep Elevating The Bar In The Snatch Turnover
Comments | January 7 2019 | Instructional - Olympic Weightlifting

Bar speed in the snatch peaks a little prior to the final extension in the pull. With a given amount of applied force, the heavier the bar is, the sooner it will stop moving up under its momentum and ...
How To Stay Over The Bar In The Snatch & Clean
Comments | December 23 2018 | Instructional - Olympic Weightlifting

How do you stay over the bar in the snatch and clean? Easy! Just keep standing up without opening your hips. We want the shoulders over the bar until the bar is between above the knee and mid-thigh...
Olympic Weightlifting Squat Position - Trust What Works For The Best
(3) Comments | November 28 2018 | Instructional - Olympic Weightlifting

When it comes to squatting for weightlifting, somehow there are still pockets of resistance to the obvious, and instruction contrary to all evidence. Here are the bottom positions of the biggest cl...
Clean Turnover Drills For Bigger Cleans
Comments | November 19 2018 | Instructional - Olympic Weightlifting

A smooth delivery to a secure rack position is critical for successful cleans. In order to spin the elbows around the bar as quickly as possible, the bar and shoulders need to be close and have mom...
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