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What is the American Weightlifting Philosophy & Methodology, Scraping Shins in the First Pull
Episode 40 | March 15 2018

Why the bar scrapes your shins in the first pull of the snatch or clean and how to fix it; What is the American Weightlifting Philosophy & Methodology?...

Changing Coaches or Teams, Power or Nah, High-Hang Snatch More Than Snatch, Long Legs Bar Starting Position
Episode 39 | February 13 2018

How to change coaches and/or teams the right way; Why it may not matter if your lift was power or nah; Should you be able to high-hang snatch more than you snatch from the floor? And priorities and adjustments to the starting position with long legs....

Twisting in Back Squat, Training Alone, Athletes Cuing Other Athletes
Episode 38 | January 30 2018

What to do if back squatting always causes pain because of rotation, how to make training alone better, whether or not athletes should be allow to cue their teammates. Weightlifting Life podcast is sponsored by Health IQ, an insurance company that...

Arm Bend & Bar Path, Mental Aspects of Working Through Injuries
Episode 37 | January 2 2018

A discussion of bar path and different extension positions in the snatch and how they affect the degree of arm bend in the pull under, and how to stay motivated and on track when dealing with injuries. Weightlifting Life podcast is sponsored by He...

Remote Coaching, Speed under the Snatch, What to Correct First, Premature Shrug
Episode 36 | November 21 2017

How to make remote coaching work as well as possible, getting under the snatch faster, where to start corrections with multiple technical errors, and how to fix a premature shrug in the pull. Weightlifting Life podcast is sponsored by Health IQ, a...

World Championships & Drug Sanctions, Recovery & Being Better at Reps than Singles
Episode 35 | November 7 2017

A discussion of the upcoming 2017 World Championships and the details behind the absence of some countries and athletes; how to train an athlete who can perform reps at high percentages, but not maximal singles; and methods of recovery and what to do...

Hypertrophy vs Conditioning, Fatigue & Technique, Short Jerk Split, Training Logs
Episode 34 | October 24 2017

Where hypertrophy and higher rep training fits into a weightlifting program, technique falling apart as fatigue sets in at the end of a workout, fixing a short split as jerk weights increase, and physical training logs vs smart phone apps. Weightl...

Behavior in the Gym, Falling Apart at the End of a Cycle, Heels Rising in the Pull
Episode 33 | October 10 2017

What to do about a lifter who creates trouble in the gym with his/her behavior, what's going on at the end of a training cycle when you're physically and emotionally busted and what to do about it, and how long the feet should stay flat durin...

How to Test 1RMs, No-Contact Snatches & Finding The Ideal Starting Position with Long Legs
Episode 32 | September 26 2017

How to work up to test 1RM, how to determine the best starting position for the snatch with long legs, and the purpose of no-contact snatches....

Double Days, Training Volume, Olympic Lifts in CrossFit
Episode 31 | September 12 2017

When lifters should begin training twice daily and how to structure that, how to calculate and prescribe training volume, including accessory work, how to coach the Olympic lifts to CrossFitters who use different technique in metCons than they would ...
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