Episode 37
Arm Bend & Bar Path, Mental Aspects of Working Through Injuries
January 2 2018
A discussion of bar path and different extension positions in the snatch and how they affect the degree of arm bend in the pull under, and how to stay motivated and on track when dealing with injuries.

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Ed Clark
January 5 2018
On keeping bars warm in the winter, our box has a kerosene bullet heater and we put the bars on a 12" box in front of the heater while warming up for class. It's often in the 40s inside the gym at 5 am. After about 10 minutes, the bars are warmed up.
Laurie Ybanez
January 5 2018
The powerlifting part made me chuckle I love both sports and bet it was awesome seeing both worlds competing at the same time. Glad you all are back!