Episode 41
Deloading, Getting Aggressive with a Ballet Background, Repeating a Program & Coaching Attention
March 27 2018
The purpose and methods of deloading weeks as well as GPP/hypertrophy and conditioning phases; how to get more explosive and aggressive if you tend to be more graceful instead; what to do if you're just repeating the same program for years and it seems like your coach may not be invested in you.

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Connie 2018-03-27
As a former ballet dancer, I really appreciated the suggestions on how to be more aggressive with my movements. I have had people comment on how graceful I am with my lifts (people that don’t know I was a dancer). I think they were trying to compliment me, but I feel like doing a snatch or clean & jerk should be explosive, not graceful, so thanks! And thanks to Midori for asking the question.
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