Episode 43
Cutting Weight & Learning How to Count Attempts for Competition
May 1 2018
All about cutting weight and rehydrating for competition, and how to learn and practice counting attempts.

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May 30 2018
Great podcast. I agree with Greg on the cutting suggestions. Far too many athletes try to drop too much weight right before a competition. Practice makes things much more predictable.
July 3 2018
Wish I heard this episode sooner...a buddy just competed and was exhausted during the meet. Loved hearing you mention your lifter (Mike) who ate shitty store bought sushi prior to the meet. He told me that story years ago and we all laughed at him of course. Great podcast in general...you two sound like siblings. Any suggestions on becoming a better weightlifting coach without having a mentor coach nearby and available? I apologize if this question was already answered in a previous episode
Well... you have to do all the next best things, which are reading and watching as much as you can from as many reputable coaches as you can, coaching as many lifters as you can, and taking advantage of any chance you get to talk to established coaches.

Greg Everett