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Press In Split

AKA Split press, split position press
The press in split is a variation of the press performed in the split position.
Secure the bar in the jerk rack position with the feet in your jerk split receiving position and at a normal split depth. Make sure your weight is balanced equally between the front and back feet and stabilize the trunk with air pressure and strong muscular tension. Drive the bar off the shoulders aggressively with the arms, pulling the head back out of the bar to clear a direct path, and push the bar into a fully locked overhead position behind the neck as you would in the jerk. As the bar leaves the shoulders, spread the elbows to move them under the bar as soon as possible, and bring the head back forward through the arms as the bar passes it. Be sure not to shift your weight on your feet during the press—maintain the equal balance between the feet.
When performing multiple rep sets of the press, the full jerk rack position does not need to be reset—the subsequent reps can be touch-and-go as long as they remain full range of motion (bar contacts the shoulders at the start of each rep).   
The press in split can be used as a basic overhead strength exercise just like the press, but with the added benefit of simultaneously practicing the position and balance in the split, and strengthening the proper split position for the jerk. It can also be used as a technique primer for lifters who tend to land in an improper or imbalanced split position.
Sets of 3-5 reps can be used generally and can be performed with weights nearly as heavy as can be handled in the press. If used as a technique primer, light weights should be used.
The press in split can be performed from behind the neck.

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