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You Just Realized You’re Having a Midlife Weightlifting Crisis
Mike Gray | Olympic Weightlifting General | April 19 2017 | Comments (6)

This article is aimed at people over the age of 35 who have recently started the fun journey of Olympic weightlifting. Throughout this, I’m going to give you some insight and... Continue reading
Earning Your Spot & Why I Love Garage Gyms
Mike Gray | Mental & Emotional | November 10 2016 | Comments (2)

As I’ve talked about in past articles, when I was in High School, I wasn’t a particularly big guy. When I decided that lifting weights was something I wanted to do, I spent the first nine months in my bedroom lifting odd objects because my parents ... Continue reading
Why You Should Compete in Weightlifting
Mike Gray | Weightlifting Competition | March 31 2016 | Comments (5)

A few weeks ago Matt Foreman and I were teaching a weightlifting seminar geared toward masters and at the end we had a little Q & A so people could ask Matt about his super secret diet tricks and why I hate the use of NSAIDs (This is complete sarcasm). How... Continue reading
That Fine Line between Being Tough and Being Stupid
Mike Gray | Mental & Emotional | January 27 2016 | Comments (1)

If I were to take a poll of all the weightlifters out there and ask how many of you are hurt right now, I bet it would be a decent number. Now if I ask the same group how many of y... Continue reading
Your Rest Day: Don’t Waste It
Mike Gray | Mobility, Preparation, Recovery & Injury | October 5 2015 | Comments (6)

Weightlifters look forward to their rest days like a child looks forward to Christmas: You have such high expectations for it, but more often than not, it gets wasted and ends up having detrimental effects on your training instead of positive.   Tell ... Continue reading
Why Your Lifts Just Aren’t Getting Better… And What to Do About It
Mike Gray | Weightlifting Program Design | April 14 2015 | Comments (4)

Let me try and put together a little scenario for you and tell me how close it is to what you’re going through right now. You’ve been lifting for about 18 months to a f... Continue reading
Nine Years Later: What I Did Right & What I Did Wrong
Mike Gray | Olympic Weightlifting General | February 11 2015 | Comments

I met Mike at Mike Burgener’s gym some time in early 2007 when he returned from a deployment as a corpsman in Iraq. What he had going for him right from day one was ambition,... Continue reading
Improve Your Weightlifting With Snacks: Competition in the Gym
Mike Gray | Weightlifting Coaching & Gym | January 22 2015 | Comments

If that isn’t an attention grabbing title then I don’t know how else to do it. I’m going to give you the back story, the game, the rules and why it will help you ... Continue reading
I'm Gonna Have Me Some Fun... The Predator Cycle
Mike Gray | Weightlifting Program Design | October 13 2014 | Comments (17)

I need to explain the title of this first before I get started. In 1987, I had just finished my freshman year of high school and I went and saw Predator in the theater. This was du... Continue reading
Taking an Honest Look
Mike Gray | Olympic Weightlifting General | August 27 2014 | Comments (3)

I recently competed in a local meet and had a shit showing. It wasn’t from a lack of training or effort; in fact I had a great few months leading up to it. It was just a shitty performance and I honestly had never been that embarrassed or pissed walking ... Continue reading
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