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Greg Everett is the owner of Catalyst Athletics, head coach of the USA Weightlifting National Champion team Catalyst Athletics, author of the books Olympic Weightlifting: A Complete Guide for Athletes & Coaches and Olympic Weightlifting for Sports, director/writer/producer/editor/everything of the documentary American Weightlifting, co-host of the Weightlifting Life Podcast, publisher of The Performance Menu journal, fifth-place finisher at the USAW National Championships, masters national champion, masters American Open champion, masters American record holder in the clean & jerk, and Olympic Trials coach. Follow him on Facebook here and and sign up for his free newsletter here.
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Ask Greg: Improving Clean: Power Clean and Snatch: Overhead Squat Ratios
Greg Everett | Ask Greg Everett | January 17 2018 | Comments

Erika Asks: Hi Coach, I’ve just started Olympic Lifting a couple months ago and I'm having issues with my catch position in the clean. I can easily power clean 115#s but ... Continue reading
Drive Better by Stopping Better in the Jerk
Greg Everett | Quick Tips | January 11 2018 | Comments

Much of the ability of a lifter to elevate and accelerate the bar in the jerk is dependent on the ability to abruptly brake the downward movement of the dip to maximize the use of elastic energy of both the barbell and body. A failure to brake well will appear... Continue reading
Ask Greg: Learning to Actively Pull Under the Bar
Greg Everett | Ask Greg Everett | January 10 2018 | Comments

Devin Asks: I tried searching and didn't find what I needed (maybe I didn't type in the right search term... if this has already been covered, I apologize). I recently read... Continue reading
Are You a Contributor or a Consumer?
Greg Everett | General Training | January 8 2018 | Comments (1)

Just to give you a little insight into my life, I’ve been writing articles for this website nearly every week for several years—this is number 250. That means that at least part of my Sunday is comprised of me panicking and scratching my head for a... Continue reading
Get Your Damn Air
Greg Everett | Quick Tips | January 4 2018 | Comments

Lately I have noticed a few of my new lifters "sipping" air gently before lifts, especially jerks, getting about enough air to fill one infant lung at best. In order to pressurize the trunk to create maximal rigidity, you need a lot of air—l... Continue reading
Ask Greg: Getting Over Fear in the Snatch
Greg Everett | Ask Greg Everett | January 3 2018 | Comments (1)

Emma Asks: Hi Greg, I am a massive fan of weightlifting, I LOVE to lift. I was wondering if you have any tips on over coming the fear of catching the snatch overhead when it gets heavier, I've been stuck on the same weight for months. I know I need to man ... Continue reading
No Vertical Shins in the Start
Greg Everett | Quick Tips | December 28 2017 | Comments

Too many people make the mistake of trying to keep their shins vertical in the starting position of the snatch and clean. Often this is a product of mistakenly attempting to position the bar over the middle of the foot or even farther back. Unless your feet ar... Continue reading
Ask Greg: Snatch Crashing from Floor but Not Blocks or Hang
Greg Everett | Ask Greg Everett | December 27 2017 | Comments

Louie Asks: As of late, I've been having issues with soft elbows in the catch when I snatch. It's almost as if the weight is crashing down on me causing me to bend my elbow... Continue reading
Complexes Part 2: Snatch & Clean Pull Focus
Greg Everett | Olympic Weightlifting | December 25 2017 | Comments (2)

Now that I’ve laid out the basics behind the use of complexes for weightlifting, I want to get into more specifics. One of the important points with complexes is that they should have at least one specific purpose. We can use complexes in a very general ... Continue reading
Get Up & Move
Greg Everett | Quick Tips | December 21 2017 | Comments

Some of us don't feel like Gumby naturally, even if we actually have pretty good mobility. Often I see lifters feel stiff and uncomfortable in their workouts until they're nearly finished, at which point they observe they finally feel "warm".... Continue reading
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