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Pressing Snatch Balance

The pressing snatch balance is primarily a teaching exercise, but can also be used as an active stretch and controlled practice for developing a better snatch receiving position.
Start standing with the barbell behind your neck with a snatch-width grip, the shoulder blades set tightly as they will be overhead, and your feet in your squat stance. Brace your trunk and ensure even balance over the whole foot.
Simultaneously begin pushing the bar with the arms and squatting down at a controlled speed, aiming to lock the bar into the overhead position at the same time you reach the bottom of the squat. The goal is to move directly into the bottom without needing to make adjustments to your position and balance, and to never let the bar move higher than it starts when on your shoulders.
Making sure it’s stable and secure, stand again with the bar overhead.
If you maintain the hook grip when you turn the snatch over, use the hook grip in the pressing snatch balance.
The pressing snatch balance is useful for introducing the snatch balance to a lifter and allowing unintimidating practice before progressing to the full speed and loading. It can also be used as an active stretch and good way to feel proper position and balance throughout the motion, making it helpful as a warm-up exercise for snatches or other types of snatch balance.
The pressing snatch balance should be performed with sets of 2-5 reps with light weights—anything from an empty bar to what the lifter is able to comfortably snatch press. Most often they should be used early in a session as preparation for snatches or snatch balances.
The pressing snatch balance is one of 4 snatch balance exercises: pressing snatch balance, drop snatch, heaving snatch balance and snatch balance.
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