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Jerk Drive

AKA Half jerk
The jerk drive is a partial jerk movement to strengthen the dip and drive portion of the jerk.
Place the bar in the jerk rack position with your feet in the same stance you use to jerk. Dip and drive just as you do for the jerk, and push the bar up off the shoulders with the arms as high as you can after completing the leg drive (this will only be a few inches at most with heavy weights). Be sure to pull your head back out of the way just as you would in the jerk to ensure the bar moves up rather than forward. Absorb the weight back onto the shoulders with the legs, and reset in the standing position for the next rep.
This exercise is often very difficult to perform correctly—many athletes will push the bar forward off of the shoulders, which makes it ineffective and even counterproductive. If the athlete can’t perform it correctly, use a different exercise such as a jerk dip squat.
The jerk drive strengthens the dip position and trains the explosiveness of the transition and upward drive with heavier weights than can be handled for the same number of reps or with the same frequency as the jerk itself. If done correctly, it can also train and reinforce the proper balance and dip position for the jerk and strengthen the posture.
The jerk drive can be performed from a rack for 3-5 reps with weights anywhere from 70%-100% or more of the lifter’s best jerk. Weights can be very heavy as long as the position and balance are correct and the bar is pushed up rather than forward.
There are a few variations of the jerk drive that are considered distinct exercises (see below).

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