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Jerk Dip Squat

The jerk dip squat is a partial jerk exercise to strengthen the dip position and movement.  
Place the bar in the jerk rack position with your feet in the same stance you use to jerk. Bend at the knees only just as you would for the jerk with a smooth and controlled tempo, and stand again with the same controlled tempo. This is not a quick, springy movement like the actual dip and drive of a jerk, but a controlled strength movement.
Avoid the temptation to load this exercise so heavily that you change the depth and position of the dip—it’s only effective if the movement is correct.
The jerk dip squat is a basic dip and drive strength exercise that helps develop strength in the upright posture and knees-only movement needed for a solid jerk, and also helps teach and reinforce the proper balance in the movement.  
The jerk dip squat can be used at very light weights to teach and practice the proper dip position and movement, or it can be done with very heavy weights, usually 80-110% of the lifter’s best jerk, to strengthen the movement and position. Dip squats can also be combined with jerks, clean & jerks, or cleans to create complexes that emphasize that part of the movement (e.g. clean + 3 jerk dip squats + jerk or clean + jerk dip squat).
There are a few variations of the jerk dip squat that are considered distinct exercises (see below). A pause can be added in the bottom of the dip or tempos can be assigned.

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