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How To Dip Correctly In The Jerk
Comments | August 27 2018 | Instructional - Olympic Weightlifting

The jerk dip is a tricky motion for a lot of athletes because most of us are so accustomed to relying on the hips for athletic movement, and the jerk is essentially all knees. The dip arguably influen...
How To Avoid Getting Dizzy In Clean & Squats - And Why It Happens
Comments | August 20 2018 | Instructional - Olympic Weightlifting

Read the complete explanation & fixes here. Dizziness during a clean or squat can have a few causes, but what is NOT causing it is having the bar compressing your trachea—all of you can h...
Squat With The Hips & Knees Together
Comments | August 13 2018 | Instructional - Olympic Weightlifting

When back or front squatting for weightlifting, the primary goal is maintaining an upright posture all the way through the motion. In other words, we’re trying to avoid any more forward leaning ...
Back Foot Hits First In The Split Jerk
Comments | August 6 2018 | Instructional - Olympic Weightlifting

In the split jerk, the rear foot should connect with the platform a split second before the front foot. This allows you to push off the back leg slightly to keep your hips under the bar as you fini...
How & Why To Hook Grip In The Snatch & Clean
Comments | August 1 2018 | Instructional - Olympic Weightlifting

The hook grip is a pronated grip in which the thumb is trapped between the bar and the first and second fingers, depending on hand size. This is an eventual necessity to maintain control of the bar...
Finish The Snatch Turnover With Maximal Stability
Comments | July 19 2018 | Instructional - Olympic Weightlifting

One of the most important elements of the snatch turnover to understand is that the motion is finalized with a vertical push up into the bar. If the arms are straight before the bar reaches the cor...
How To Quit Hitting Your Pubic Bone When You Snatch
Comments | June 27 2018 | Instructional - Olympic Weightlifting

Snatching shouldn't be painful. Here's how to avoid hitting your pubic bone....
Should You Curl The Wrists In The Snatch & Clean?
Comments | June 11 2018 | Instructional - Olympic Weightlifting

Some of you have been taught to curl the wrists in the pull of the snatch and clean - here's why you shouldn't....
Dont Lock The Elbows In The Snatch & Clean Pull - Catalyst Athletics
Comments | May 18 2018 | Instructional - Olympic Weightlifting

Locking the elbows in the snatch and clean pull may seem like a great solution to bending your arms early, but it just creates another problem down the line. Learn more about arm bend in the pull -...
How To Lower Jerks Without Dying
(1) Comments | July 25 2017 | Instructional - Olympic Weightlifting

Greg Everett explains how to lower jerks from overhead back to the shoulders (or behind the neck) properly....
Finding Your Proper Stance For The Olympic Squat With Greg Everett - Catalyst Athletics
(4) Comments | April 19 2017 | Instructional - Olympic Weightlifting

Head coach of the USA Weightlifting national championship team Greg Everett runs through how to determine the best stance for yourself for the Olympic squat....
Arm Bend In The Snatch & Clean: It May Not Be An Error
(1) Comments | October 26 2016 | Instructional - Olympic Weightlifting

Arm bend prior the completion of the extension in the snatch and clean may be an error needing correction for optimal lift technique, but it may not. Learn what the difference is and why it matters. ...
The Muscle Snatch: Making It Effective
Comments | August 22 2016 | Instructional - Olympic Weightlifting

The purpose of the muscle snatch is to strengthen the turnover and reinforce proper mechanics; if the movement diverges from the motion used in the third pull of the snatch, its effectiveness is reduc...
Proper Timing Of The Leg Drive In The Snatch & Clean Pull Exercise
Comments | August 14 2016 | Instructional - Olympic Weightlifting

In the snatch or clean pull or high-pull, timing of the leg drive is important to train timing and force production in the pulls of the snatch and clean.   A common error, illustrated in this v...
Meeting The Bar In The Clean: Avoid Crashing In The Turnover
(1) Comments | July 27 2016 | Instructional - Olympic Weightlifting

A common problem with the clean is athletes letting the bar crash onto them in the turnover. In other words, the bar falls into the rack position rather than the bar and shoulders connecting smoothly....
Fixing A Common Split Jerk Recovery Error
Comments | July 20 2016 | Instructional - Olympic Weightlifting

Fixing a common error in the recovery of the split jerk that leaves lifters imbalanced even after a good lift. Read the article Why Do We Recover Front Foot First in the Split Jerk?...
How & When To Use Weightlifting Straps
(1) Comments | December 31 2014 | Instructional - Olympic Weightlifting

Greg Everett of Catalyst Athletics goes over how to use weightlifting straps and when to use them in training. Please subscribe to our channel!...
The Bounce - Using Elastic Energy For The Clean & Squat In Olympic Weightlifting
(1) Comments | October 15 2014 | Instructional - Olympic Weightlifting

The bounce is the use of elastic rebound to recovery more quickly and easily from the clean or squat. See more Olympic weightlifting terminology and exercises in our exercise library Please su...
The Double Knee Bend Or Scoop - Olympic Weightlifting
Comments | October 15 2014 | Instructional - Olympic Weightlifting

The double knee bend (AKA scoop) is the temporary cessation of extension and forward movement of the knees during the final explosive extension of the snatch and clean. See more Olympic weightlifti...
Dynamic Start & Static Start In The Snatch & Clean - Olympic Weightlifting
Comments | October 15 2014 | Instructional - Olympic Weightlifting

The dynamic start is a method of beginning a pull from the floor (such as in the snatch or clean) in which the athlete moves continuously through the moment at which the bar is first separated from th...
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