Too Far Back To The Heels In The Snatch & Clean

A common mistake in the snatch and clean is shifting too far back onto the heels in the pull. There are 3 basic potential problems with this:
  • First it can create a tendency to rock forward in reaction, creating a forward imbalance directly and indirectly by encouraging forward hip extension and the bar swinging forward.
  • Second, it can direct the bar and body backward, limiting bar elevation and reducing stability with added horizontal bar motion, and/or causing the feet to sweep backward out from under the body, creating imbalance and further horizontal shifting.
  • Finally, it can cause the body to avoid complete extension to prevent the further backward imbalance that would result, which reduces power and bar elevation.
Train constant whole foot balance with segment pulls to hold—pause immediately after separation, at the knee and at mid-thigh for 3 seconds, feeling even pressure over the entire foot. After the last pause, finish the pull by driving vertically with the legs through the whole foot and holding the upwardly stretched position.

You can also use floating pulls to hold to force even more control—be sure to control the speed of the pull to prioritize balance and vertical extension.

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