Heels Rising Early In Snatch Or Clean Pull?

A common instruction is to remain flat-footed as long as possible through the pull of the snatch and clean, typically until reaching approximately the power position in which the trunk is vertical and knees in their farthest position forward.

This is a good general rule, but it’s by no means absolutely necessary, and violation of it does not necessary indicate an error needing correction.

My rule regarding whether or not the heels rising off the floor prior to the power position needs to be fixed is simple: Is the lifter driving well with the legs against the floor through the final extension, and is the lifter balanced in the pull?

If the answer to both of those questions is Yes, there’s no reason to worry about it.

If there’s a balance problem, work on fixing it with slow-pull snatches or cleans, or segment snatch or clean with pauses at the knee and mid-thigh.

If there’s a leg drive problem, work on snatch or clean from power position or pull + snatch or clean.

You can address both problems together with snatch or clean pulls to hold, and a complex of pull to hold + snatch or clean.

See the recommended exercises and more info here.

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