Olympic Weightlifting Squat Position - Trust What Works For The Best

When it comes to squatting for weightlifting, somehow there are still pockets of resistance to the obvious, and instruction contrary to all evidence.

Here are the bottom positions of the biggest cleans from each weight class from the most recent world championships. This includes male and female lifters with body weights from 45kg to over 160kg, a range of body types, and from a variety of countries.

In not one single case is the athlete sitting the hips back and leaning the trunk forward or keeping the knees back behind the toes.

They’re sitting as straight down and as deep as their anatomy, balance and correct spinal extension allow.

As a fun bonus, not a single one has the toes pointed straight forward, and none is trying to push the knees outside the feet.

Are there ever exceptions to these things at the international level? Of course—there are exceptions to everything. But they’re anomalies, not models to mimic.

This position is used by the world’s best weightlifters because it’s what works best—not because they’re idiots who haven’t been educated on a better way to squat.

Quit fighting the obvious facts, and quit misleading inexperienced lifters with nonsense novelty drills and positions to try to get a following.

Find your squat stance easily with this.

Dial it all in with this.

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