Clean Turnover Drills For Bigger Cleans

A smooth delivery to a secure rack position is critical for successful cleans.
The bar and shoulders need to be close and have momentum continuing to bring them together. An active pull of the elbows up and out accelerates the body down and preserves more of the bar’s upward speed to achieve this.
Squeezing the shoulder blades together and pulling the bar up and back toward the shoulders brings the bar to you so the elbows can pivot quickly around it, and prevents having to lean forward to the bar so you’re able to sit into a strong, balanced squat.
Use these 3 exercises to learn and improve the mechanics of the clean turnover.
Rack Delivery:
Start with the elbows pulled up and out with the bar hanging down against the chest. Squeeze the shoulders back to bring the bar toward the shoulders as you spin the elbows around the bar and secure the clean rack position. Actively bring the bar back into position rather than leaning the chest forward to meet it.
Tall Muscle Clean:
Start with the bar hanging at arms’ length. Pull the elbows up and out as you shrug up and back, and pull the bar up and back into the shoulders while spinning the elbows around the bar to secure the clean rack position.
Tall Clean:
Stand with your feet in your pulling stance and the bar hanging at arms’ length. Simultaneously lift your feet and pull your elbows up and out to accelerate down into a squat. Squeeze the shoulder blades together as you bring the elbows around to bring the bar into your shoulders. Secure the bar as quickly and smoothly in the rack position as possible as you continue fluidly into the bottom of the squat and recover immediately as you would in a clean. The goal is to elevate the bar as little as possible while you pull yourself down under it.

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