Clean Turnover Drills For Bigger Cleans

A smooth delivery to a secure rack position is critical for successful cleans.

In order to spin the elbows around the bar as quickly as possible, the bar and shoulders need to be close and have momentum continuing to bring them together. An active pull of the elbows up and out accelerates the body down and preserves the bar’s upward speed to achieve this.

Squeezing the shoulder blades together and pulling the bar up and back into the rack position as you move the elbows around brings the bar to you and prevents your having to lean forward out of the proper posture to reach for the bar.

Use these 3 drills to learn and practice the upper body mechanics of the clean turnover.

Rack Delivery:
•    Start with elbows high and to the sides (note that this is an exaggerated position you won’t actually achieve in a clean)
•    Pull up and back onto shoulders while spinning elbows around and up
•    Bring the bar and shoulders together smoothly

Tall Muscle Clean:
•    Start at arms’ length with elbows turned out
•    Pull elbows up and out high as possible
•    Replicate the rack delivery drill without hesitation

Tall Clean:
•    Initiate the arm motion of the tall muscle clean
•    As you start, lift and move the feet to the receiving position
•    Secure the bar as quickly as possible and sit fluidly into the squat