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On The Minute Cycle

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This is a 12-week training cycle (with an additional transition week at the beginning) that uses snatch, clean and jerk singles on the minute along with plenty of pull and squat strength work. This cycle is good for technical consistency in the classic lifts.

"After this cycle, I got a 15# PR on snatch to 240#, 25# PR on C&J to 320#, and a 30# PR on back squat to 505#. So stoked at these numbers." -Nickolas H

"This helped my consistency in the lifts tremendously. Put a SOLID 18kgs on my total. My positions through the pull have become much more precise and strong." - Willie D.

"This program helped me build my consistency like crazy. Snatch went from 245# to 270# and clean & jerk went from 305# to 325#." - Neil G.

"Awesome program! Numbers before in #: 200 snatch, 240 CJ, 245 J, 260 C, 285 FS, 335 BS. Numbers after : 227 snatch, 275 CJ (JUST missed 285 on the jerk), 275 J, 285 C, 295 FS, 345 BS." - Simon S.

"Currently on week 7 of 12 for this program. I have never seen better results. My snatch has gone from 260lb/118kg to 280lb/127kg and C&J from 321lb/146kg to 330lb/150kg. Clean increased from 150kg/330lb to 162kg/357lb." - Phillip J.

Good For:
  • Classic lift technical consistency
  • Pulling postural strength
  • Squat strength
  • OTM means "On The Minute". This means that each set is started exactly 1 minute after the previous set was started, not 1 minute of rest between sets. In other words, your 15th set will begin on minute 14 (set 1 begins on minute 0).
  • Weight changes during the 15 OTM sets must be done within the same 1 minute time limit

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Sample Week

Week 1 Day 1 Monday
Comments (25)  |  Help  |  Programs  |  Exercises

  • Snatch - 70%x1x5 OTM
  • Snatch Pull - 80%x3x3
  • Snatch Segment Deadlift (knee) +  Floating Snatch Deadlift - 70% x (2+1) x 3
  • Back Squat (5 Second Eccentric on Rep 1) - 60%x3x3
Week 0 of 12

On The Minute Cycle

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Week 1 Day 2 Tuesday
Comments (9)  |  Help  |  Programs  |  Exercises

  • Jerk - 70%x1x5 OTM
  • Push Press - 65%x4x3
  • Back Squat Jump (bar) - 3x3
3 Sets:
10 Back Extension
10 Reverse Crunches

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Week 1 Day 3 Wednesday
Comments (4)  |  Help  |  Programs  |  Exercises

  • Clean - 70%x1x5 OTM
  • Clean Pull - 80%x3x3
  • Clean Segment Deadlift (knee) + Floating Clean Deadlift - 70% x (2+1) x 3
  • Pause Back Squat - 50%x2x3

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Week 1 Day 4 Thursday
Comments (7)  |  Help  |  Programs  |  Exercises

  • Power Clean - 65%x2x5
  • Power Jerk - 65%x2x5
  • SLDL - 3x5
3 Sets:
10 Glute Bridges
15 Sit Ups

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Week 1 Day 5 Friday
Comments  |  Help  |  Programs  |  Exercises

Rest Day

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Week 1 Day 6 Saturday
Comments (3)  |  Help  |  Programs  |  Exercises

  • Snatch - 70%x1, 75%x1, 80%x1x3
  • Clean & Jerk - 70%x1, 75%x1, 80%x1x3
  • Front Squat - 75%x2x3

Questions? Get answers here or post in comments.
Week 1 Day 7 Sunday
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Rest Day

Questions? Get answers here or post in comments.

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August 8 2015
For this program should I still be doing ab work everyday and back work 3 days out of the week even though there is ab and back work already prescribed?
You can add ab and back work to the days where there is no ab/back prescription.

Steve Pan
Niraj Patel
August 9 2015
How do I download an Excel chart for this?
We are currently working on improving the spreadsheets and they are currently unavailable. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Steve Pan
August 26 2015
For week 2 of 12 I was only able to get 3/5 snatches on my last set so should I move up percentages week 3 or should I stay the same?
You will have to make a judgement call. If you feel that the misses were mental then it should be okay to go up for next week's weights. If you were really struggling to move the weights then you might want to dial it back and repeat the percentages from week 2.

Steve Pan
August 31 2015
Thanks for the programs guys, just one question about this one though :

I have a meet in exactly 13 weeks (end of November), i'm an intermediate athlete that still needs to be exposed a lot with the oly lifts (snatch in particular) while trying to get better at front squatting and overhead strength.

I figured this program would be a great option, what do you think ?
This program should be good to get you a good amount of exposure to the lifts and help get those lifts more consistent.

Steve Pan
October 9 2015
Are the excel sheets coming back soon?
We will no longer be using the Excel sheets.

Steve Pan
Henri Heiskanen
October 8 2015
"Halting Snatch Deadlift (knee) + Finish"
Does this mean: Deadlift to knee height, couple seconds stop + full snatch OR deadlift to hip OR Snatch pull? Meaning of "finish" is a mystery grin
After the pause at the knee position, complete a snatch pull from that position.

Greg Everett
Cheyne Ikaika Kaninau
September 7 2015
Question. Are all of the exercises OTM or just the movements that have OTM specified and the other exercises are at our own pace??
Just the ones that say OTM

Greg Everett
Willie Day
July 19 2015
As described, this helped my consistency in the lifts tremendously. Put a SOLID 18kgs on my total. My positions through the pull have become much more precise and strong. If you're newer and want to learn to be more consistent, this is for you!! Thanks Greg!!
Austin Mach
April 28 2015
Are the push press percentages taken from max push press or max jerk?
Push press

Greg Everett
Neil Louis Gallares
July 2 2015
This program helped me build my consistency like crazy. At first I didn't feel like I got any stronger, but my technique greatly improved. Within the last 4 weeks, I managed to PR my snatch and C&J. Snatch went from 245# to 270# and clean & jerk went from 305# to 325#. Squat stayed roughly the same, but that was never my focus as pulling strength was more of my weakness.
Tim Sinak
January 22 2015
This program was definitely a test, but after running it with some slight modifications (mainly I prioritized squats over pulls since that's my weakness) for 8 weeks and now tapering for a meet, I feel like I'm ready to break my 105kg records in the 94kg weight class. In my opinion, there is no one who puts out more quality programs than you all!
Kyle Fox
October 21 2015
Thanks in advance for the time and attention in answering my question and making the program in the first place. After Week 5, Day 5 (first heavy singles), in the event I establish a new 1RM (very possible as my current is more a technical max than a strength max and I've gotten dramatically better technically from this program), should I use the new 1RM to base my percentages from then on?

Thanks! Love the program!
Yes, update %s with any new PRs during the cycle.

Greg Everett
Sakis Kostopoulos
November 7 2015
hi the percentages of pulls(snach deadlift clean ......) is the percentages of the snach clean or the percentages of pulls thank you
% of the associated lift. Snatch pulls will be % of best snatch. Clean pulls will be % of best clean.

Steve Pan
Steve Ornelas
November 17 2015
I exported the program into Google Drive. Looking at week two, there's empty blue boxes after the Snatches, Jerks, and Cleans OTM x 15...are these sets in addition at a heavier weight that we may or may not go up with? I've done this cycle before but I don't recall having the blue boxes
If you make all the OTM lifts, you then take that lift up to a heavy single - you can then enter that weight in the box.

Greg Everett
Matt Chambers
November 18 2015
What does the "HS" mean?
Snatch - HS
Clean and Jerk - HS
HS is Heavy Single and is outlined in the section here.

Steve Pan
Eric Lubert
November 19 2015
Looking to start this cycle. Everything looks good, volume isn't too crazy. I have one question. Coming from a general lifting background my back/pull is strong but I'm slow and lack overhead stability. I would consider changing up the light power day on Thursday for some press in snatch (sotts press) and drop snatches. Thoughts on this?
It should be fine to add those on Thursday but don't go overboard. Monitor how you are feeling and recovering and make sure it isn't throwing off your Saturday workout. I would not do those in lieu of the work that is prescribed on Thursday.

Steve Pan
Julien Leveque
November 28 2015
Well i guess it's time... To thank you guys for this program and give some feedback.
I made a comment on 2015-08-31
asking if this particular program would suit my goals well :
I went down in weight from 73kg to 69kg because i think for now i'm more competitive that way. Results : C&J went from : 95kg (Lucky 100 in training) to a pretty solid 105kg at the meet. And my snatch went from 75kg to 80kg at the meet, still have to work a bit more on that lift. I'm very happy and thank you all for the help !!
Erik Skobel
December 20 2015

Thank you guys for providing those good programs. Would it be a good idea to do some leg hypertrophy after heavy squats once/twice a week? Say after 3x3 sqats to then add another 3x6-12 on the same type of squat or a leg press? Not to failure but close enough. I'm looking to put on another 15lb and low reps never worked for me for growth. Thanks again for supporting simple folk and happy upcoming Christmas.
I would recommend against adding a bunch of volume to this program. Maybe a squat cycle would be better if you are looking to add more squats.

Steve Pan
Simon Savard
December 21 2015
Are power clean and power snatch % based off clean/snatch or p clean/p snatch? I'm assuming power but its not 100% clear. Please confirm, than you!!
Power versions are based off of your best power lifts unless otherwise specified.

Steve Pan
Michelle Howard
January 18 2016
I had a back injury last year that has made it hard to do any kind of deadlifting. Would it be okay to change out deadlifts for front squats on Thursdays? What percent would you suggest?
I would recommend against adding more squats. It should be okay to take out the deadlifts and work on an accessory movement that will help get you healthy for pulling as you will be doing a good amount of pulling in positions similar to a deadlift through this cycle. Make sure you are healthy enough to perform these movments without aggrevating or causing injury before you continue.

Steve Pan
Simon Savard
January 19 2016
Awesome program!

Numbers before in #: 200 snatch, 240 CJ, 245 J, 260 C, 285 FS, 335 BS.

Numbers after : 227 snatch, 275 CJ (JUST missed 285 on the jerk), 275 J, 285 C, 295 FS, 345 BS.

The FS and BS are most likely about 10# lower than actual capacity but the program always required to do squats after heavy CJs.
Fredrik Ek
February 7 2016
Is everything On the minute in this program?
You will only work On The Minute on the exercises that call for it. Not every exercise will be OTM. Most OTMs will be 15 reps followed by working up to a HS with ~5 more reps. The workouts will describe the protocol and which exercises go OTM.

Steve Pan
Ananth Vnkateswarlu
February 15 2016
snatch-70%x1x5 OTM means is it.....5 sets of 1 rep on every start of minute?
That is correct.

Steve Pan
Michael Kaji
February 17 2016
Could any additional short conditioning pieces be added to certain days, like some of the other programs? Or should it be kept to more strength/bodybuildingesk accessory work?
Accessory work is fine but I would recommend against adding any conditioning work to the program.

Steve Pan
Ananth Vnkateswarlu
February 29 2016
hey steve...in squats its written 5 seconds down on first.... does it mean firs rep or the first set for all reps...??? or first rep of all the 3 sets??/
First rep of all 3 sets will be 5 seconds on the way down. The other reps will be normal tempo.

Steve Pan
Ananth Vnkateswarlu
March 1 2016
steve, m also doing my other routine at d end of this routine, not that intense but a combination of pull ups n floor dips and parallel dips, n i do mostly each day just to maintain my arms n upper body structure. i hope it dosnt affect my weightlifting ...plz suggest
I recommend against adding too much extra work after these workouts. Some accessory work may be fine but you will have to determine if it is impeding your recovery.

Steve Pan
Fredrik Ek
March 3 2016
I like this program!
I just have one question:
Unfortunately, I just got the cold and I will have to cancel training for a couple of days :( :(. So my question is; Should I continue where I ended in the program when I return? I am in day 24.
You can pick up where you left off and adjust the days for rest if needed. The other option is to try and continue on the current day and possibly adjust the weights as needed the next week to try and play catch up.

Steve Pan
Andrew Soderstrom
March 26 2016
For the non-OTM exercises, do you recommend a full recovery, or a time based recovery? If time, any suggestions? (or just the normal rest for the associated length of set--i.e. 5 rep 3-5minutes etc.)
3-5 minutes rest between squats and strength exercises should be fine. 2-3 minutes rest between olympic lifts when working on the ones off the minute.

Steve Pan
Chase King
April 18 2016
On day one , what is snatch segment deadlift (knee)+ floating snatch deadlift - 70%- (2+1)x3? And also, is the weight supposed to feel light on the first day because I barely had to take over 30 sec. rests.
What portion of the first question are you not understanding? For the exercises we have examples in the library here, for the notation there is a description here.

The first week should not be killer as it is a transition to prepare you for more volume to come.

Steve Pan
Mary Story
May 23 2016
What main lift are the good mornings a percentage of?
The program will specify for a percentage of back squat when the Good Mornings are prescribed a weight. Good Mornings should generally be light, be careful that you don't go overboard and stay safe.

Steve Pan
Phillip James
June 10 2016
Currently on week 7 of 12 for this program. I have never seen better results.

My snatch has gone from 260lb/118kg to 280lb/127kg and C&J from 321lb/146kg to 330lb/150kg. Clean increased from 150kg/330lb to 162kg/357lb.
Yannick Dittrich
August 23 2016
Hello, i want to try this OTM Cycle.
I am a little concerned, since Snatching is only twice a week. I tend to loose a lot of "crisp" in the Snatch when im not doing it frequently.
Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.
Yannick - With this cycle, you will get plenty of snatch volume, but you can add some snatch technique primers to your warm ups everyday to help with the frequency. Just keep them light. 

Alyssa Sulay
Elizabeth Clark
January 11 2017
Hi, I have a question specifically on notation and have read through the intro notation article. On Week 1, Wednesday, for example, there is a Segment Clean Deadlift (knee) + Floating Clean Deadlift- 3+1. Then, over to the right in the it says 80% and 3 (the number of reps). So I just want to clarify that this means we will do the Segment Clean Deadlift +Floating Clean Deadlift-3+1 segment a total of three times for one set, is that correct? So we will end up doing 3 sets of 3 reptitions of that complex correct? Just want to make sure.
Elizabeth - It looks like there was a typo in the reps section. It should be 4. Which means that 1 set is 3 segment clean deadlifts (knee) + 1 floating clean deadlift for a total of 4 reps per set. 

Alyssa Sulay
Amy VanDyck
September 2 2017
OTM when it has multiple % should you do a wave format or do all 5 at one weight before moving on? thank you
Amy - You do all five at one weight before moving on to the next weight. 

Alyssa Sulay
Matthew Claiborne
November 9 2018
Wellp. Just did the first workout after the transition week. If any one finds my CNS in the gym...please send it to....
Keelin Godsey
March 9 2019
When the set says 1x5 OTM is that 1 rep on the minute for 5 minutes?
Keelin - Yes, that is 1 rep at each rep on the minute for 5 minutes.

Alyssa Sulay
Ashley Collins
April 17 2020
Does this program require risers? I do not have risers and am looking for a program which can be done with just the bar, a squat rack, and weights. Thank you.
It does not.

Greg Everett
Somer Crawford
April 29 2020
What days would be best to incorporate some block work? Today I added blocks for my OTM snatches but since there is only one other day for snatch I hate that I supplemented them. (I’m in week 2, this is my second time running this program)
If you feel like you need block snatches, just do the Monday OTMs from blocks.

Greg Everett
Gherardo Crespi
July 11 2021
I see that text and spreadsheet sometimes have different sets/reps/weights, which one should I follow?

Greg Everett
Chris Douglass
May 28 2022
Hi - I am following this program but a more general question - as an inflexible Masters lifter I am a split snatcher. At heavier weights I find myself split snatching right foot forward and jerking left forward. It seems more natural and instinctive and if I try and change it performance deteriorates. Should I stick with it or try and train myself to use the same foot? I could see training benefits using both feet but maybe not maximising splitting ability by not specialising.
Many thanks
I would keep doing what you're doing (different foot for snatcj/jerk).

Greg Everett
Tamara Coleman
October 19 2022
Hi guys, just want to double check I am reading the program correctly before I get started. If it says 1x5 then it is 1 rep for 5 sets? and if it says 4x3 it is 4 reps for 3 sets?
Weight x reps x sets
if no weight, sets x reps

Explained here

Greg Everett
Danielle Dambrosio
December 16 2022
I just started this program and have taken a look at both the text version as well as the spreadsheet. The spreadsheet says for day one “Snatch - 5 singles each weight OTM, then HS if feeling good” 70% x5, 75% x5, 80% x5. (For a total of 15 snatches).
But the text version is saying Snatch- 70% 1x5 OTM. (For a total of 5 snatches).

Also what does HS stand for? Heavy single? Would that be on the next minute?

Thanks so much!
That's a mistake on the website (now corrected) - week 1 snatch/jerk/clean Mon-Wed should also be taken to a heavy single after the OTMs if you were successful and feel good.

HS = heavy single, and not on the minute - but keep rest to a max of 2 minutes for those.

Greg Everett
Hal Fisher
April 4 2023
How would you implement hypertrophy and accessory into this program?
See this article

Greg Everett
Chris Douglass
August 10 2023
Hello – I have been doing this program some time but rereading these Comments possibly I have misinterpreted a couple of things:
1 I think the OTM sequence is done as a single 15-minute block then you have 2-3 minutes rest and move on to the next exercise, am I correct? Just there were a couple of Comment replies that made me wonder if you break it into 3 blocks of 5 lifts and have a rest between each of those blocks.
2 How do I interpret “if… you feel good, continue to a heavy single” – is the expectation you would be doing this most workouts? And in fact are the Heavy Singles the more important part of the workout and the OTM sequence is just the set up for them?
3 Finally, is it 2 minutes rest between each HS, so the HS sequence should take 10 minutes?
Many thanks
1. The 15 singles (3 different weights) are done on a continuously running clock, e.g. if you take set 1 at minute 0, you'll start set 15 at minute 14.

2. Most people will take at least 1-2 more lifts after the OTMs, but it varies - that's part of the effectiveness - you're able to dose the work more appropriately for your condition on the day. The OTMs are the more important part because that's where you're building consistency.

3. Approximately yes

Greg Everett
Petra De Ruyter
March 4 2024
Can someone explain this movement for me. "Segment Snatch Deadlift (knee) + Floating Snatch Deadlift - 3+1"

Here is a demonstration for the snatch segent deadlift portion.

And here is a demonstration video for the floating snatch deadlift portion.

You will do 3 segment snatch deadlifts + 1 floating snatch deadlift PER SET

Catalyst Athletics
Petra De Ruyter
March 6 2024
Adding to my previous message about the Floating Snatch Deadlift - 70% x (2+1) x 3 the spread sheet states "Segment Snatch Deadlift (knee) + Floating Snatch Deadlift - 3+1". and what do you mean by (knee) - start at the knee? Stop at the knee?
You will pause at the knee on each. 

Catalyst Athletics
Owen Ellis
March 26 2024
Is this program available on the TrainHeroic app?
No, It is only available here with a program download. 

Catalyst Athletics