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On The Minute Cycle
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This is a 12-week training cycle (with an additional transition week at the beginning) that uses snatch, clean and jerk singles on the minute along with plenty of pull and squat strength work. This cycle is good for technical consistency in the classic lifts.

"After this cycle, I got a 15# PR on snatch to 240#, 25# PR on C&J to 320#, and a 30# PR on back squat to 505#. So stoked at these numbers." -Nickolas H

Good For:
  • Classic lift technical consistency
  • Pulling postural strength
  • Squat strength
  • OTM means "On The Minute". This means that each set is started exactly 1 minute after the previous set was started, not 1 minute of rest between sets. In other words, your 15th set will begin on minute 14 (set 1 begins on minute 0).
  • Weight changes during the 15 OTM sets must be done within the same 1 minute time limit

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