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Back Squat - Push Press Behind The Neck

Perform a back squat with your hands in your jerk grip width. Accelerate maximally from the bottom all the way through the top, immediately driving the bar up off the shoulders and completing a push press.
This is a way to encourage more upright squat recovery posture and better acceleration. It can be used as a warm-up for back squats, especially when jerks or push presses are in the same session, or taken heavier to train and reinforce squat posture and acceleration while also placing more emphasis on upper body pressing strength.
Note that this is NOT a back squat + push press behind the neck—it’s a single continuous motion.
The back squat – push press behind the neck is usually a warm-up or primer exercise for push presses later in the training session. However, it does demand ideal posture, balance and acceleration out of the squat, so it can be used as a way to train that for the squat as well. It also helps strengthen and reinforce the optimal overhead structure for pressing and jerking.
Sets of 2-5 reps are appropriate at up to 70% of the athlete’s best push press or so.

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