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Single Leg Good Morning
AKA 1-legged good morning, Unilateral good morning

The single-leg good morning is a difficult exercise that improves hip stability and strengthens the hamstrings, glutes and lower back.
Place a barbell behind your neck as you would for a back squat, and brace your trunk with your back set in neutral extension.
Allowing the knee of the support leg to bend very slightly, hinge at the hip as far as you can without losing the arch in the back, trying to keep the back leg approximately in line with the trunk.
When you reach the bottom, reverse the motion, being sure to not let the back soften or your knee to bend more, and return to standing. Keep your weight balanced over the whole foot.
The single-leg good morning will naturally limit loading considerably relative to the good morning and even single-leg RDL. Focus on an active and aggressive brace of the trunk, full range of motion and stability and balance.   
The single-leg good morning primarily improves stability at the hip by working the surrounding musculature that allow it to move while maintaining proper relationships with the foot and back, and will help build and maintain strength, stability and mobility symmetry in the hips.
Sets of 5-8 reps are most common, but can be taken up as high as 15-20 reps, particularly in a rehab situation, and slow eccentrics and pauses in the bottom can be added.

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