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The RLE (rear leg elevated) RDL is a single leg variation of the Romanian deadlift that places more emphasis on hip stability than posterior chain strength.
Stand with a barbell hanging at arms’ length and place one foot on a bench or box behind you. Brace the trunk forcefully and hinge at the hips as far as you can without losing any extension in your back, unlocking the knees as you hinge, and keeping the bar as close to the support leg as possible.
Change directions without allowing the back to soften to stand again.
The RLE RDL requires more stabilization at the hip, so is less effective for general posterior chain strength and more effective for improving stability. It can be easier to perform than the RLE good morning and often feels better for athletes.
The RLE RDL can be loaded with other implements like dumbbells or kettlebells in both or only one arm.
Sets of 5-8 reps are most common, but as many as 15-20 reps can be used, particularly in a rehab situation.

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