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Quitting Weightlifting: The Right Way and The Wrong Way
Matt Foreman | Olympic Weightlifting | March 19 2018 | Comments

Where’s your lifting at right now? Going great? On a rampage? Or are you struggling, pissed off because of bad training or competition?   Anybody thinking about quitti... Continue reading
Weightlifting Strategies for Moving From Roadblock Stage to Breakthrough Stage
Matt Foreman | Olympic Weightlifting | March 12 2018 | Comments

During the first few years of a weightlifter’s career, everything is mostly going in an upward direction. Sure, there are little knockdowns and plateaus, but they’re us... Continue reading
Controlling Emotion for Weightlifting
Greg Everett | Olympic Weightlifting | March 5 2018 | Comments (2)

Emotions are like thoughts, but without the utility.   Stuff your feelings deep down inside where they belong.   I don’t give a fuck about your feelings.   All things I’ve told lifters at some point. Of course jokingly. Mostly.... Continue reading
Working With High-Maintenance Athletes
Matt Foreman | Olympic Weightlifting | February 19 2018 | Comments

Some athletes are really easy to coach. You give them a job to do, they get it done, and everything works the way it’s supposed to. They make your life stress-free and your coaching fun.   And then we’ve got the other kind. (If you’ve ... Continue reading
The Coaching Difficulties of the New Generation
Matt Foreman | Olympic Weightlifting | February 14 2018 | Comments

The coaching business has been changing a lot over the last 20 years. I’m not talking specifically about the actual nuts-and-bolts work coaches do to train their athletes. I&... Continue reading
My 5 Favorite Accessory Exercises for Weightlifters
Greg Everett | Olympic Weightlifting | February 12 2018 | Comments

There is somewhat of an accessory work renaissance these days in weightlifting. It was cool a while back, then it wasn’t, and now the pendulum seems to have swung back to coo... Continue reading
The First Pull of the Snatch & Clean: Slow or Fast?
Greg Everett | Olympic Weightlifting | February 5 2018 | Comments (1)

I genuinely can’t believe I haven’t written an article on this subject yet. It seems obvious now, as this question comes up pretty frequently, and it’s something ... Continue reading
Does Weightlifting Attract Hardcore Personalities… Or Develop Them?
Matt Foreman | Olympic Weightlifting | January 29 2018 | Comments

I’ve been wondering about this question for years. Still haven’t completely figured out the answer. Actually, it should be “Do Strength Sports Attract Hardcore Pe... Continue reading
How to Quit Getting Stuck in the Clean
Greg Everett | Olympic Weightlifting | January 22 2018 | Comments (2)

Most lifters are notably better at either the clean or the jerk. If those two lifts are perfectly balanced for you, you’re the weird one. For those of you who are good jerkers, there seems to be nothing more frustrating than not even being able to stand ... Continue reading
Work to Control Your Mind… Not Your Environment
Matt Foreman | Olympic Weightlifting | January 15 2018 | Comments (8)

A while back, Greg wrote an article about the garage mentality in weightlifting. When I read it, lots of little pops and clicks started going off in my brain. So I decided to follo... Continue reading
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