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Don't Jump with Your Arms
Greg Everett | Quick Tips | May 24 2018 | Comments (4)

I like box jumps for weightlifting. It's a very simple, accessible way to train explosiveness. What I don't like is when box jumps are done in ways that reduce their effectiveness or create problems. The point of box jumps in the context of weightli... Continue reading
Are Your Elbows Actually the Problem in Your Overhead Position?
Greg Everett | Quick Tips | April 19 2018 | Comments

In the way that overhead squat immobility often gets blamed on the shoulders when the problem is actually the lower body, often an athlete's inability to lock the elbows secure... Continue reading
Hold Your Grip Longer for Better Clean Turnovers
Greg Everett | Quick Tips | April 11 2018 | Comments

If your cleans tend to crash onto your shoulders, even with lighter weights, you can smooth out the turnover and stay better connected to the bar by holding a full grip longer (If ... Continue reading
Why Shrug in Snatch & Clean Pulls?
Greg Everett | Quick Tips | April 5 2018 | Comments

For years I've been teaching that the shrug up of the shoulders isn't part of the effort to accelerate and elevate the barbell in the pull of the snatch and clean; instead, it's more a part of the third pull, as it's naturally associated with t... Continue reading
Quit Pushing Your Cleans Away with Your Thighs
Greg Everett | Quick Tips | March 29 2018 | Comments

A lot of you find your bars running away at the top of your cleans, resulting in the bar crashing into the rack position, you collapsing forward, and if not missing entirely, strug... Continue reading
There Are Different Levels of Old: Masters Weightlifting Programming
Greg Everett | Quick Tips | March 15 2018 | Comments (4)

Weightlifting has seen a big increase in participation in the last few years, due primarily to the influence of CrossFit. Many of the new lifters coming to the sport are, as you mi... Continue reading
Balls of the Feet, Not the Toes, in the Split Jerk
Greg Everett | Quick Tips | March 8 2018 | Comments

A common mistake in the split jerk is to be up on the toes of the back foot. This is unstable in every possible way, and prevents you from supporting enough weight on the back foot... Continue reading
Who Should You Listen To?
Greg Everett | Quick Tips | March 1 2018 | Comments

A downside to the internet and the accessibility it provides to anyone with a connection and a keyboard is that people can take advantage of the anonymity to create inaccurate personas for themselves and very often very easily get away with it. That is, just a... Continue reading
Don't Sit Down During Your Workout
Greg Everett | Quick Tips | February 22 2018 | Comments (1)

If you're struggling to stay motivated and focused during your training sessions—because you're tired, distracted by things outside the gym, training alone with no accountability, or any other reason—try not letting yourself sit down during... Continue reading
Set A Goal for Each Training Session
Greg Everett | Quick Tips | February 15 2018 | Comments

One of the many non-training activities you should be doing regularly if you want to progress as much as possible in weightlifting is setting goals for every single training session. I recommend doing this the day before. After the current day's workout is... Continue reading
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