Best Exercise For Snatch & Clean Balance & Positional Strength

One of my favorite exercises to improve pulling posture, strength and balance for the snatch and clean is the floating halting deadlift on riser.
Use the same starting position you’d use from the floor—back angle, position of the bar over the feet, and position of your shoulders relative to the bar are all the same. The only difference will be that your hips and knees are bent more.
Start by pushing through the whole foot and simply continue that balanced push with the legs to the top. Keep the foot pressure the same throughout the entire set.
Keep your back angle approximately the same—the shoulder joint directly above the bar until above the knees, then let it naturally move in front of the bar as you move toward the hip, keeping the bar right against the legs. Note that your back angle will change near the top, but the goal is minimize the change to stay over the bar.
Pause with the bar near the hip, knees very slightly bent with shins vertical, shoulders in front of the bar, pressure even over the whole foot, and the entire trunk forcefully tight for 2-3 seconds.
Return to the bottom under control by perfectly reversing the motion. Get the plates as close to the floor as possible without allowing them to touch and hold momentarily before beginning the next rep from this floating position.
Work in sets of 3-5 reps with generally 75-95% of your best snatch or clean. Position, balance and motion are critical—never exceed a weight that allows to you execute the exercise properly.

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