Olympic Weightlifting Seminars

Level 1 Seminar

Catalyst Athletics offers seminars on Olympic weightlifting to help you develop as an athlete, coach, or both. Our seminars are instructed by Greg Everett, author of the most popular book on the subject, Olympic Weightlifting: A Complete Guide for Athletes & Coaches and coach of the national championship Catalyst Athletics team, or seminar coaching staff (instructor is noted on event registration page).

Improve your ability to perform, teach and coach the snatch, clean and jerk and related training exercises, and learn better program design, mobility training and more. Our seminars are among the longest-running in the industry, and we use that experience to improve yours.

Individuals may attend our seminars for educational purposes without testing for certification. There are no pre-requisites for attending seminars.

The Level 1 Olympic Weightlifting Seminar is 2 full days of practicing and training the snatch, clean and jerk, learning progression & correction drills for the snatch, clean and jerk, and foundational exercises for Olympic weightlifting.


We offer group discounts. Please contact us.

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Level 1 Online Course

Coach Certification

We offer multi-level coaching certification both with live seminars and entirely online course. Learn more about the process below.

Coaching Certification

Online Courses

Online courses include access to several online modules that include video, text and photo to add to the material in the course textbook and in the seminar. This online course can serve as an alternative to attendance of a live seminar, or for live seminar attendees, will serve as additional course material for the Level 1 certification.

I just wanted to say that your online course is REALLY good and I love the intricate detail Greg provides. I learned a great deal of new information and am very excited to share it with the gym members and to implement it in my own training. —Tyler B.