Online Courses

Online Courses

Our weightlifting seminars are available as online courses, with or without coach certification testing.

Online courses include access to several online modules that include video presented by Greg Everett, text and photo to add to the material in the course textbook and in the seminar. Online courses can serve as an alternative to attendance of a live seminar, or for live seminar attendees, will serve as additional course material to prepare for certification.


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I just wanted to say that your online course is REALLY good and I love the intricate detail Greg provides. I learned a great deal of new information and am very excited to share it with the gym members and to implement it in my own training. —Tyler B.
The online program and the information Catalyst has provided is by far the best I have seen in any certification course... Catalyst is the first company that I have worked with to give the honest and reliable feedback. —Dante T.

Level 1 Course Content

  • Foundations
  • Snatch Teaching Progression
  • Clean Teaching Progression
  • Jerk Teaching Progression
  • Level 1 Assistance Exercises
  • Weightlifting Mobility
  • Assessment
  • Program Design
  • Weightlifting Equipment

Level 2 Course Content

  • Level 2 Assistance Exercises
  • Level 2 Program Design
  • Error Correction
  • Level 2 Assessment
  • Competition Coaching
  • Mindfulness, Positivity & Maximizing Utility

Online Course Preview

Check out this video to get a look inside the online course site.