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Good Morning Pull

AKA Explosive Good Morning
The good morning pull is a variation that replicates the leg and hip movement of the second pull of the snatch and clean. It can be used to improve back extension strength for the pull, explosiveness in the pull, or as a way to train the motion when injuries prevent holding the bar—in these cases, a safety squat bar can be used if needed.
Instead of hinging at the hip almost exclusively and shifting more toward the heels, bend the knees more as you hinge and keep balance even over the whole foot. Stop with the shoulders approximately above the knees—we’re aiming to mimic the position of a pull with the bar at knee height. From this position, drive the legs and open the hips explosively to extend the body straight up like you would if pulling, letting the power of the drive elevate the heels.
You can also pause in the bottom position to work more on rate of force development or make balancing easier.
The good morning pull is useful during injuries that prevent pulling to maintain a degree of power and train the similar motor pattern to the finish of the pull.
Generally sets of 3-5 reps are appropriate. Loading can usually be heavier than standard good mornings because the trunk will remain more upright at the bottom, but should not exceed what can be performed explosively.

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