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Broad Jump

AKA Long jump, standing long jump
The broad jump is one of the simplest jumping exercises and offers variety from vertically oriented jumps.
Perform a standard countermovement jump from a standing position trying to move as far forward as possible. Reset completely for each subsequent rep.
The broad jump is a basic exercise to develop explosive leg and hip extension that offers some variety from vertically oriented jumping and force absorption.
Broad jumps should generally be done for 3-5 reps per set, with 3-10 sets. In weightlifting, they are usually done at the end of a training session. This prevents their fatiguing the lifter for the performance of more sport-specific speed-dependent lifts, and also helps improve explosiveness by forcing the body to recruit more and higher-threshold motor units when partially fatigued.
Broad jumps can be done without a countermovement, with a full squat countermovement or from the bottom of a squat, or with one leg.

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