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GHD Sit-up Hold

The GHD sit-up hold is a simple isometric ab exercise and a nice break from planks, which are the most boring ab exercise ever created.
Set up in a glute-ham bench or Roman chair and lean back like you would to begin a sit-up. Hold yourself with the abs tight and back slightly crunched with the trunk approximately horizontal—create an approximately straight line through the legs and trunk. Be careful not to allow your lower back to hyperextend. Hold this position for the prescribed time.
Hold your arms at your sides for the easiest variation and move them progressively farther toward the shoulders and eventually extended back overhead to increase the difficulty. Weight can also be held on the chest if more resistance is needed.  
GHD sit-up holds can be done for 3-6 sets of 10-30+ seconds. Generally if you’re able to hold the position correctly for 45+ seconds, it’s advisable to add a little weight and build back up to 30-45 seconds again.
The GHD sit-up hold can be done with or without additional weight, or in a rotated position.
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