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Greg Everett
June 21 2012
Shut up Steve, your ass is going to be running next.
Geoff Hegedus
June 21 2012
Good to be reminded that the legs are doing the grunt work! Thanks Steve.
David Griffin
June 22 2012
I totally needed to read this article a long time ago. I'm sure you wrote this in your book somewhere and I skimmed over it but I had been deliberately trying to keep my front squat rack position for the jerk. Now I know better.
August 6 2014
I got to the jerk chapter in your book recently, where you also explain where your elbows need to go in the jerk.
A few days ago I saw the article Fixing Droopy Elbows in the Jerk by Matt Foreman.

seems to contradict what you're saying here and in the book. Am I just misunderstand what Matt is talking about?